Friday, February 16, 2007

PCing Contest.

I got an iPod for my birthday from my parents. A little one. Not the littlest. The medium one. A Nano.

I didn't ask for it. I was hinting for an mp3 player. It's like asking for a coffin and getting the Taj Mahal.

I think my sister and brother-in-law were involved in the selection of an actual iPod.

Anyway, in order to load songs from my PC onto this thing, I need iTunes. Fine. But I don't have iTunes. Nor do I have an internet connection to download it. I have my many, many songs that I collected before I was disconnected (and then some other stuff I've ripped in the meantime, and some podcasts a kind co-worker got for me).

So, as Marilyn said, it was like a kid getting a great toy at Christmas but there are no batteries available.

I went into the Mac Shop(pe?) accross from the Confederation Centre and the kind owner burned iTunes for PC on a disc for me, I installed it, and it worked! After some wrangling and trail and error, I was able to load over 400 songs on this little thing.

Yesterday, I was talking about this gizmo with my co-workers while we were having an after-work drink in at Mavor's.

When I went up to the bar to pay for my drink, the ubiquitious creepy guy who was sitting on a barstool (doesn't every bar have one?) said he overheard me talking about my iPod and my difficulties without iTunes. He insinuated I have no life because I have the time to type out the titles of songs when I rip them (iTunes does this automatically for you with an internet connection).

He then told me he has over 6,000 songs on his iPod. Maybe I didn't respond with enough excitement, or cram my tongue down his throat, or whatever he expected, so he told me it was an iPod with video, or whatever it's called. I told him I didn't need all those bells and whistles. He said he wanted all his music all the time.

I said, "Well, good! If you're ever stranded somewhere for months at a time and have a burning need to constantly listen to music without hearing the same song twice, you're set."

He said, "Yeah!"

I don't think that he got that I was making fun of him.

Am I in some sort of terrible iPod pissing contest now? Is there really this kind of culture that I don't know about? I keep hearing that people fall in love with these contraptions, feel like they're a natural appendange, and are crestfallen when they are out of commission.

While I'm glad I can take my music with me now without having to burn CDs, and I'm looking forward to taking walks in Minden in the summer, I think I'll be ok if I let the batteries run down. Oh! That reminds me, though! There was a solar-powered battery re-charger in at the Mac
Shop(pe?)! I don't know if I'll being my computer up to Ontario with me, so I might buy that for the trip!

Great. Now I'm thinking about accessorizing my iPod. I'm one step away from bumper stickers and newsletters.

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