Monday, February 12, 2007

It Was In (My Apartment On) Bobcaygeon (Street).

I am returned.

The recon trip to Haliburton was a success. I found out that the first two weeks of the course are in the Fleming College campus in Haliburton and then the rest of the 5 months is on the work site. The work site this year is in Minden, so I decided to get a place in Minden and get a cab (or some other ride) to Haliburton those first 2 weeks.

It was slim pickins for apartments in Minden, but I got a one-bedroom place there for more than I wanted to pay. I should be nice. It should be, I say, because I didn't actually get a chance to see the inside of it. The landlord was out of town and his associate ("Jay behind the bar") didn't have the keys. Still, it was that or live above a bakery with a burly Polish baker named Marion.

Marianne and I had a pretty great time, I must say. The ride from and to Toronto wasn't all that bad, we bought some great pumpernickle from Marion, and saw some beautiful scenery in Northern Ontario. (I'm not sure why they call it that - it's only 3 hours north of Toronto.) I was very glad Marianne came with me.

Well, the town of Minden is really a great little place. I'm close to a Post Office, a grocery store, a bank and a Thai Restaurant. I think it has a one-screen movie house, too. My place is about 1.5k from the worksite, and, no matter what kind of rathole it will be, for the rest of my life, for 5 short months in the summer of 2007, I'll live on Bobcaygeon Street, planting my feet firmly in Canadiana.

So, this summer, I can watch the constellations reveal themselves one star at a time.


Holly said...

It would have to be a pretty burly baker indeed to make me pass up a pumpernickel source.

Tara said...

I love that you'll be living on Bobcaygeon Street!

Catherine said...

I know Marion's schedule now, so if I go in the afternoons, I'll be ok for nice dark bread.

And yeah, I love that I'll be on Bobcaygeon Street, too. My friend and I couldn't stop singing that song!