Monday, February 05, 2007

A Healthy Admiration For A Talented Young Man.

I went to see Bobby (2006) last night with a couple of the girls in the Box Office, and I was really pleased (don't ya know). It was a good movie - especially considering the size of the cast, it was a pretty smooth story.

It revolves around the day of Robert Kennedy's assassination, and the kind of optimism he brought to America in a messed-up time. Martin Luther King had recently been killed, and race tensions were running high.

I was impressed by a lot of performances, including Lindsay Lohan and Elijah Wood as a couple of friends getting married to prevent the soon-to-be husband from going to the front lines in Vietnam. She's actually a good actress, I think, if you can for one minute push her jackass real-life behaviour out of your head. Elijah Wood is always great (rent Green Street Hooligans, if you can), and, for the first time, I saw a strong resemblence to Dan McRae, a fellow Confederation Centry. Now I can't get it out of my head. Freddy Rodriguez of Six Feet Under had a sweet character, and Ashton Kutcher was pretty funny, too. I don't know if I smell nepitiz or what, but is this going be what it's like in the future? Is Ashton going to be in every movie Demi is in? Or vice versa?

Of course, in my mind, the actor who stole the show for me was Shia LaBeouf. Shia is the youngest member of my illustrious Husband List, and it took some soul-searching to include him. Now I know I've made the right choice. He's a really great comedic actor, easy on the eyes, and, as everyone saw in The Greatest Game Ever Played (2005), a promising leading man. Of my heart.

Oh, and speaking of the title of this post, can well-meaning people stop sending me nudie pics of Daniel Radcliffe? He's starring in an upcoming production of Equus, which requires his character to be starkers. I'm ok with the pics (very ok), but let me know, for gods' sake! I keep opening them at work, and I don't want my co-workers to wander by as a naked picture of Harry Potter downloads onto my screen.


Anonymous said...

They're not nudie pics; they're art. And since you work in a gallery I think it's very appropriate that we send them to you. I'm sure your colleagues would agree.


Catherine said...

For me, they're nudie pics AND they're art.

And maybe they'd think I was looking at art if I didn't sit, staring at them until I went cross-eyed.

Holly said...

It may be best for you to open them at work, or amongst any crowd of people, in case your pants combust when opening them. For safety's sake, eh?

Catherine said...

Holly, you're always thinking of me. Nudie pics, flaming pants, you never stop. HUGS!

Amanda said...

You need to watch out though, if there is a crowd of people, someone could be taken down by the pants-shrapnel.

Exploding pants is a dangerous business.