Saturday, February 17, 2007

Geeksta's Paradise.

I can't wait for Hot Fuzz (2007) to be released in Canada! (Watch the trailer.) I think it'll be in late April. Oh no! I won't be near a movie theatre (with more than one screen)!

It's by the same people who made Shaun of the Dead (2004) and the TV show Spaced (which has yet to be released on North American DVD). Both are very homage-heavy. Shaun paid love to tropes of zombie movies. (And romantic comedies, too, I guess, if you think of it.) Hot Fuzz is an homage to cop-action movies. If the movie is as good as the poster, I'm going to love it.


jamon said...

I can reccomend Hot Fuzz. I went to see it last wednesday (yes, I'm in the UK). Simon Pegg is on top form. A hilarious film.

What a shame Spaced is unavailable in the US. Equally good.

jamon said...

Sorry, not the US - Canada. My apologies

Catherine said...

Augh! Jamon! You're teasing me! I can't wait!

Yeah, it is a pity about Spaced only being on region 2. Can you go picket Channel 4's offices for me?

I would think that Shaun of the Dead's success in North America and the upcoming release of Hot Fuzz, they would be eager to release the DVD, make some money and stop pirated stuff on the internet. Not that I'm complaining. That's my only link to Spaced!

jamon said...

The economics behind DVD regions bemuses me.

Being a Simon Pegg fan, have you heard of Big Train?

Catherine said...

I'd only really heard of Big Train from my scouring of IMDB under Pegg's name. I think the "Do you speak English?" bit is from that show, but I'd never seen this one -thanks for the link!