Saturday, January 27, 2007

Some Misc. Thoughts.

Beyonce and her backing band in the video for "Irreplaceable" are rocking out far harder than the music or content of the song dictates.

I love that Tylenol ad where the old lady brings her hard-working jailbird husband some Tylenol for his aching arthritic bones, but it's smuggled in inside a cake. It's the bait and switch that I love.

That lead songer from Hedley (Jacob Hoggard) should be sterilized. Is he really considered talented or sexy? I might think he had some singing talent if he didn't behave like a re-animated zombie cross between Mick Jagger and Johnny Rotten (with its arse hanging out). Using those names as references might be giving him too much credit.

I gave blood on Wednesday, and my goal was to donate in less than 20 minutes, because I usually have a needle in my aching arm for about 22/23 minutes, but this time the nurse thought she'd give a go at tapping another vein that was slightly larger, but deeper. In the end, I donated in 6 minutes! 6! SIX! My record before was 14! Now I know what vein to use from now on!

As much as I dislike winter, there is something terribly Canadian and romantic about being out with friends on a bitterly cold night. We're Canadian! We're bound together by the common bond of very cold weather! Take that, Brazil!

I both enjoy and hate painting walls. I like it because when it's done, it's very satisfying; I also find it meditative. I hate it because you have to be so flippin' careful with spatters, the paint dries out my hands, and sometimes it doesn't cover well and you have to do too many coats.


Holly said...

Who would have ever thought Beyonce would go through an Avril Lavigne stage??

And I love how the premise of this song appears to be how she is upset and somehow surprized that her man-whore acted like ... well ... a man-whore.


Catherine said...

Her hair is purdy, though.

Anonymous said...

hey catherine!

I am taking this online course on climate change, and we were talking about how it affects us, our country, our region.. etc.. and even though i am not crazy patriotic, I love our winters and how they help make us canadian. Especially while i was travelling, i realized that no aussie i met really knew how to walk properly or well on ice, which i thought was just some innate easy skill. And you don't realize how much of the world doesn't have to deal with what we have to (or perhaps use to have to, as winters seem to be getting milder...come on big storm! daddy needs to reaffirm his canadianity
- Daniel

Rosey said...

The one time I tried to paint my room myself my dad ended up taking pity on me ten hours later. I think it was a combination of the fact that I had paint all over my face and in my hair, plus I stepped on a nail in my bare feet and I couldn't seem to get the walls coated smoothly. Dads are awesome.

Catherine said...

I agree, Ro. Dads are the best. We're very lucky to have ours around, aren't we?