Saturday, January 06, 2007

It Was Actually A Nice Time.

I got back this afternoon from the Annapolis Valley for my grandmother's funeral. The funeral service itself was ok - the Baptist preacher took it as a good opportunity to lay on the apologetics a little thick, but it was fine. The choir sang How Great Thou Art and Amazing Grace, which were a couple of songs Grammy really liked when she sang in that choir.

It was cool going back to the Billtown Baptist Church. We used to go sometimes as kids when we visited Grammy on weekends. It's just a little wooden church like all those other little wooden churches all over Canada, but it was just right.

The burial was a little strange, since it all seemed a little out of a movie. When the minister said the "ashes to ashes and dust to dust" part of the reading, a funeral home lady came forward and poured what looked like ash from a little vial in the shape of a cross onto the top of the casket. Is this normal? I'd never seen this done. I guess I don't go to a lot of funerals.

Afterwards, we went back to the church and the ladies' auxillery had set out sandwiches and squares. They had what my Uncle Lowell calls "Baptist Mystery Meat Sandwiches," which I have seen before and are very good. He says all you do is grind up any leftover meat, throw in a bit of relish and slap it between two slices of white bread. Delicious!

Anyhow, it turned out to be a really fun time. There were lots of people there, and they were all chatting with Dad and Uncle Lowell and all the grandkids. Four of Dad's co-workers drove down for the service, which was surprising and very sweet. Then one of them started pumping Dad's old friends for fun stories for his retirement party (whenever that will be!) - multitasking!

Anyhow, just like any wedding has some tears, this funeral had some laughter, and it was a nice way to send the old lady off. She was quite the character and I'll remember her very fondly.

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