Sunday, January 07, 2007

From Maud To Mud.

2006 was a very long year. It contained most of my annus horribilis (September '05 - September '06), but there were some high points.

And let the record show: the girl cleans up nice.

Especially after hand-mixing liquid clay for a scratch layer on a strawbale house.

(In Quispamsis, New Brunswick in early September.)


Laura said...

Okay, so is that the picture from Kelly that you joined facebook for?
I would say it was worth it.

Catherine said...

I know, right?

Jer said...

Two of your heroes team up. Ladies beware.

Ardy and JT.

Catherine said...

Thanks, Jem. Marilyn already beat you to the punch. It's great, isn't it?

I still think you should have let me put up a JT poster in the livingroom.

jer said...

If he'd made that video then, I woulda considered it.

Catherine said...

Damn it!