Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Come January We're Frozen Inside.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph it's cold today. It's the first time this winter my nose hairs froze. Thank goodness my parents have a garage (and, although I don't say it very often, thank goodness I live with my parents), because I would not have wanted to shovel this morning.

All three school districts on PEI are closed today because it's too cold for the students to smoke outside while they're skipping English class. Poor darlings.

Today I'm helping Siobhan (the curator) hang 16" square photographs of dogs in the restaurant and cafe. They're all the same: close-up dog portraits with a green background. They are different breeds, at least. Everyone is cooing over them like they're the cutest thing on earth, and I think they're tacky as hell. And it's not because I don't like dogs. It's the dog equivilent of Anne Geddes. Cloying, saccharine, bullshit.

But who am I to judge?


Kelly said...

you are so funny, person of the year. im still laughing at this post and it's been a couple of days since i read it hahaa.

Laura said...

Odd...when I took the pictures for the Irish Play actors the past two years, we used a shiny green piece of cloth as a backdrop. I don't care if it's the same colour as a four-leaf clover, I'm changing it this year.

And when did you become person of the year? (not that I'm contesting it, I'm just upset I missed the award show!)

Holly said...

Well, at least those pictures are in the cafe and not the gallery proper. You can't expect the little old ladies to look at anything challenging while drinking their tea, can you?

Catherine said...

You're right, Holly, but a few years ago, we had all 50-some of the pictures up in the Gallery proper. I think I would find that challenging in a different way.

Holly said...

Maybe there's something in them we can't see... Maybe the doggie eyebrow hairs spell out the doom of mankind, or something.