Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Change Of Pace.

Or is it?

Finally posting some good news on my blog, the contract that I had at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery has been extended! I start tomorrow for 10 more weeks. I really like the job, and although, as I've said before, the pay is not great, it's assloads more than I'd get hunting for work in my parent's house, not showering until 1pm, at their computer in my housecoat, getting more and more depressed and disillusioned.

The permanent job hunt continues, though.

Holly is off to O-H-IO! today to meet her future in-laws and get married on Wednesday. I must say, despite myself, I'm excited about it. I hope she has fun, all goes well, and the Yankees don't grind her bones to make their bread. I'm sure that won't happen. gulp.


Krista Sparkles said...

What exactly is a permanent job? I'm not sure that such an animal exists. Except for tenure and a few government positions, no job is truly permanent. You may find 5 years from now that you have collected an impressive and interesting list of term positions and contracts and gone on some awesome trips in between. Don't stress it too much and enjoy your time at the gallery! Congrats.

Catherine said...

Thanks, K! You're right. I think I have to get used to making the most of the positions I have.

Sample of future CV:
Sept 2007-Feb 2008: Lion tamer
April 2008-Dec 2008: Northern Diamond Miner
Feb 2009-July 2009: PA to George Clooney

Then I can retire after we get married.

Emm said...

Congratulations, Cate!!!

I, too, am in "contract limbo" with low pay, no benefits, and no vacation time, but I am very very grateful that it at least allows me to have my own apartment again and not be lounging in my own filth at the computer for hours every day! *shudder* Oh yes, I remember...