Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bit Part v. Leading Role.

I have an addictive personality. I'm actually very well-suited for a life of fundamentalism in some religion because I get obsessed with things and can't think about much else. I could probably go from layperson to nun in 8 seconds flat.

Things I have been obsessed with in the past:
-Conan O'Brien
-The Office (UK)
-(subcategory) Martin Freeman
-The Brendan Leonard Show
-Arnold Schwartzenegger
-Monty Python's Flying Circus
-being the best darn Parks employee I can be
-Bill Nye the Science Guy
-Peter Pan
-Becoming a Marine Biologist
-The Office (US)
-Darkwing Duck
-The Beatles
-Tenacious D
-(subcategory) Jack Black
-J.Mo. (UPEI Varsity Basketball team captain)
-many more that are in the lost and found box of my mind.

Note no mention of "grad student" on that list.

I'm happy with the balance I've struck between Normal Person and Birkenstock Crunchy. I don't even think my pre-occupation with greeniness is all that obsessed, really. It's more of a dedication than an obsession.

I feel like there's a lot more I can do, though! I really want to work in an environmental field (line of work, I should say). I think something will come up for me. I enjoy working here at the Art Gallery very much, and it's a creative atmosphere, which is important to me, but I think Canada's environmental situation (I avoid the word "crisis" here) deserves more attention, and there are a myriad of things we all can do to to help out.

Still, I don't think I'm suited for the "every bit helps" role in Canada's environmental goals - I want to do more. I've applied for that Sustainable Construction course, and although that's scary, it's the size role I'd like to play.

This rant is sponsored by my new Linque du Jour (screen left). I encourage you to take a few moments and learn about living roofs. Planting a green roof is a great way to absorb some CO2, reflect less solar energy, insulate a building for heat and from sound, and beautify the urban (and of course, rural) landscape. Just imagine how great it would look to fly over Toronto and see all the flat roofs carpeted in colourful sedum.


Deidre said...

Catherine, I share your dream. When I have lots of money, I will build a house with a green roof. And I will NEVER use pesticides on my lawn and gardens. Amen.

mel said...

Where's Brendan Leonard on that list? Come on now.

Catherine said...

Yes! Brendan Leonard! He was in the Lost and Found box. Now he's on the list.

Anonymous said...

Catherine! You forgot The Lonely Island guys!!!! You're obsessed with AT LEAST one more thing!

Catherine said...

I thought of The Dudes, but then figured, this list for past obsessions, and I'm still pretty dedicated to the Dudes. "Hot Rod" better not suck, but I despair it will.