Sunday, December 10, 2006

These Are The Jo(h)ns I Know, Vol 1.

I am pleased to announce a new series on Sweet Nothings entitled "These are the Jo(h)ns I Know."

I've come to realise that there are many important Jo(h)ns in my life, or at least, I know of a lot of people named Jo(h)n.

You might say, "But Catherine, Jo(h)n is one of the most common names in the Western world. Do you really think other people don't have important Jo(h)ns in their lives?"

I say, "Call me Miss Sweet. And of course other people have important
Jo(h)ns in their lives, but they might not have blogs and obsessed (read: bored) friends who regularly check it, so until they do, I will wield this moderate amount of power and you will read every word I write!"

Volume 1 shall be a twofer. I have to start with my family, of course. This isn't necessarily to do with loyalty, but an unwavering dedication to preventing my sister yelling at me. It's an uphill battle.

John (Jack) Wesley Butt, my Grandad, is a carpenter and lives in Glovertown, Newfoundland. He used to live on North Island, but moved to Glovertown when he was about 6. He worked as a carpenter in the Terra Nova National Park, and also in shipyards, where repitious noise damaged his hearing. In the last ten years he was diagnosed with diabetes, so he has to use diet coke with his rum now: scandal! He is a really good fly fisherman. He is waiting for knee replacement surgery in February, and we're really glad because his arthritis has gotten a lot worse in the last few years. He and my grandmother had five kids; four girls and then Uncle John.

Uncle John, who has the same name as Grandad, works as a carpenter, too. He's a cabinet maker and also lives in Glovertown. Like my grandfather, he does beautiful work and takes pride in craftsmanship. When my sister and I were growing up, we thought he was the epitome of cool, even though he took particular pleasure in teasing Marilyn. He was a lot younger than my aunts and played with us. He had this huge yellow truck that was his pride and joy. He moved to Ontario and met aunt Lissa. They now have three kids and live in a house that Uncle John built accross the street from Grandad.

In the next installment: A John I've never met.

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marilyn said...

They are my 2 favorite Johns! Grandad is so awesome and cute....and remember that time I his Uncle John square in the back of the head with a snow ball? Good times. I really miss the smell of Grandad's workshop and Christmas at 'home'. I guess Christmas in PEI will have to do. See you in 3 sleeps!