Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Prodigious Snore.

This last week has been a flurry of matinees for A Christmas Carol. There were two evening shows and eight matinees where we sold as many seats as we could to any schools within a one-hour bus-ride radius of the Centre.

We have a very specific way to load in the schoolchildren, and we get very territorial and pissy if a teacher interferes. Well, I do get pissy, but for the most part, I grit my teeth and smile. A theatre full of children smells. It's like pre-BO, running-outside-in-grubby-snowants kind of smell, and I hate it.

We didn't have a lot thrown, had only one puker, and I got to confiscate a camera. and, to top it off, the show was awesome - a good, true telling of Dickens' story. Comic Genius Wade Lynch (tm) played Scrooge, and I must say, he was great. I think he knew that Scrooge is really a buffoon, and played it so.

I have to go change now for another shift in the theatre, but I'll update more hen I can.

(And today we sent out the Emergency Preparedness Plan for the Gallery! Yay! One project done!)


mel said...

I can tell it's been a lot of years since I've worked a christmas matinee when I read this and my gut reaction is "aw, I miss seating 1102 little kids". It is a wicked power trip, and always leads to great stories.

Case in point: Catherine, out of uniform as house empties, "Hey! quit horsing around!"

Catherine said...

You're right, Mel. There are always great stories after loading (cumulatively) over 8000 children into a theatre in 6 mornings.

Yeah, I don't even remember what show that was, but I was chatting at the bottom of the stairs and some punk kid was jumping multiple steps or pushing another kid, or sliding down the railing - I don't even remember. Who cares, right? The kid could have simply looked at me wrong and that would have been enough for me to yell at him. The power makes me giddy.