Saturday, December 30, 2006

And Another Just Begun...

Christmas was just fine. Marilyn and Mike are home, so we had a Sweet clan shindig. (Read: WASPy teasing and passive aggression.) I ate nothing that didn't have a butter foundation, and I feel like I'm waddling a little bit now.

Marilyn and Mike gave me a great Straw Bale construction book: one that has blueprinty details instead of prose. It's what you use when talking to contractors, and I have to learn that language.

Marilyn also gave me a CBC t-shirt with the retro exploding pizza logo on it. Me likey. I don't actually have a lot of t-shirts, so it's great.

Some surprising and exciting news is that one of my great friends from my old life at McMaster is engaged, and she's asked me to stand with her in her wedding! It's Holly, of both this blog and our joint venture Clapboard Jungle. It's going to be a small wedding, which is just my style (as if I have a choice!), and in a Court House, which is even more my style. I've not yet met the groom, Murph, but he's a Yankee Doodle Dandy and a wanted man. I look forward to putting a face to a name.

My big challenge now is getting up to Kitchener for the ceremony. I am now, of course, unemployed, and it's very difficult for me to plan ahead in any way. Money situations aside, I can't predict when I might be getting interviews or work. While she's going to Ohio on the 9th of January to get married near Murph's family, Holly is aiming for the end of January for her Canadian wedding and I'm going to make it a priority to get there to be the freakishly tall blonde that sticks out in any pictures. Big congratulations to both of you! Mazel tov!


Holly said...

You wait for it. I hear that the best man is like 5'5".

I can't wait for those pics!

Catherine said...

Aw, balls!