Monday, November 06, 2006

Tim vs. Jim.

I finished watching the second season of the American series of The Office on Sunday, after many, many hours sat watching many, many episodes, deleted scenes and commentaries in any moment I could find.

There were twenty-two episodes in this season. The first season was a mid-season replacement, so there were only six.

I was a big fan of the UK series, so I dutifully watched the American pilot. After that, I didn’t watch for a year. It was terrible, derivative dreck, and felt like Steve Carell et al. were doing an impression of Ricky Gervais et al., and it just didn’t work.

Later, I learned that it was really just that first episode that they copied off the UK version, and after that they began original storylines, although there was still the salesman/receptionist relationship, the sycophantic Assistant (to the) Regional Manager, and the all-business boss, amongst others.

Now, once again, after watching through to the end of the second American season, I am all floaty and romantic because of the Pam and Jim storyline, just as I was at the end of the UK Christmas Special because of the Dawn and Tim storyline.

Now I just can’t decide which I like better; Tim or Jim. John Krasinski is well taller than Martin Freeman, but Martin Freeman has that accent. BUT Martin Freeman was in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which made me very angry because of its intense shittiness, and I still hold a grudge. John Krasinski was in Jarhead and Kinsey, which were good movies and didn’t suck. Like Hitchhiker’s Guide did. Martin was a more subtle Tim, I think, and he used the camera a lot less. John (as Jim) looks to the camera as an ally and punchline more frequently.

Well, now I’m hooked on the Yankee version. I usually prefer to buy a DVD and watch all the episodes, all in a row, sitting in my pajamas, so this “waiting a week between each episode” thing is totally a chump’s game.

Yes, I have decided that Jim is winning out over Tim. John is also my age, and Martin is not so much, making my preoccupation and crush less creepy, although I know some people might throw the whole Daniel Radcliffe argument back in my face when I write that.

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Laura said...

Okay so maybe if you figure out the age difference between Daniel and Martin that *might* make things a tad creepy...but we'll forgive you.

Anyway, you're stuck on Jim!

I've never seen an episode of either, BUT I did read a Maclean's article about real-life work girlfriends, using the fictional Tim (not Jim? I'm going to confuse those...) and Dawn as an example.

Well, you were nice enough to post, as least I could comment?