Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"Spamalot" Post-Mortem.

On Saturday I went to see “Spamalot.” It was a great show, but my seats were terrible, so the viewing enjoyment was limited. The seats were almost vertical, so if (read: when) the person (read: boy) in front of me leaned forward, most of the stage was obscured and it forced me to become a rocking, bobbing, distracted and pissed-off spectator. I was in the third balcony of the theatre, so Tenzing and I kinda knew what we were in for.

Spamalot” really was, as they said, a musical lovingly ripped off the Monty Python and the Holy Grail movie. It was different enough, though, to make it worthwhile. It was also an astute satire of musicals, and it included songs like “The Song That Goes Like This” and “The Diva’s Lament (Whatever Happened To My Part).”

Tim Curry played King Arthur, and was very good. I wish his part had more singing, though, because I especially enjoyed it when he sang. I was pretty excited because he was in Annie, for goodness sake!

Instead of just Malteasers and ice cream being sold as a concession, they were selling SPAM sandwiches on white bread, wrapped in wax paper. The guy next to me bought one, and, begrudgingly, it looked pretty good.

Finally, on the ads for “Spamalot” that were plastered on the double-Decker busses circulating London, it claimed that “Spamalot” “set musical theatre back a thousand years.” They were right.


Lynda said...

Tim Curry? I'm so jealous!! The closest thing I got to seeing a celebrity on stage in London was some guy who used to be on "Eastenders".

How much were the SPAM sandwiches?

Catherine said...

Oh, yeah, baby. Some celebrities for me!

Now, the SPAM sandwiches, I don't know how much they cost, but the tiny ice cream tubs were 3 pounds, so I'd wager about that much. And no, I didn't get the ice cream.

And hey, Eastenders is a pretty good show - although it's basically a grittier, London version of Coronation Street.