Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Death By Chocolate.

Ugh. I just got a hot chocolate at the Starbucks in the Confederation Centre. I'd only ever gotten tea there before, but I was feeling wacky, so I went for ho cho.

It comes with stuff on it. Did you know this? There was stuff on my hot chocolate. There was a mound of white, and then there were lines of brown. This turned out to be whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

I don't really like whipped cream, but I thought I'd try it, and it was ok, but it was cold, and, of course, the hot chocolate wasn't. The chocolate syrup was superfluous and too sweet. It's just there for aesthetics, right? Pass.

I poured half of it out. The hot chocolate was fine at first, but it got way too sweet, and then I could see little pools of oil floating on the top, presumably from the whipped cream (but it wouldn't shock me if a pat of butter was part of the Starbucks hot chocolate recipe).


Kelly said...

Ewww!!! It all depends on who is making the hot chocolate. Some of them can't make it right and it turns out gross like yours seem to be. but at least yours was chocolate...there has been times i've been served what i like to call hot vanilla

Lynda said...

Generally, I find that Starbucks does not serve decent hot chocolate. I think their forte is coffee. Might I suggest the ho cho at Beanz instead?

Rosey said...

There's a coffee place in the lobby at school that makes the most delicious hot chocolate ever -- you can watch them steam the milk and then they pour liquid chocolate into it. That's it. It's amazing. Come visit me and I'll get you some!

Catherine said...

I really like the girl who made it for me, though. I told her it looked good even though I was perplexed by all the stuff on top (coffee culture stuff I don't really know about).

I might try Beanz next time I get a hankerin'.

I think I'm so used to Tim's and DIY powder at-home stuff, I don't like anything else.

marilyn said...

As gross as it is....I still love Ho Cho from Timmy Hos! Delicious!