Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bad Blood.

No, Lynda, I'm not referring to my favourite episode of the X-Files (5.12), but instead my attempt to fulfil my duties of the Church of Catherine last night.

If you recall, the first Pillar of the Church of Catherine is to donate blood. "If you are able to give blood (physically and emotionally), you must do so as often as you can, to the best of your ability."

I went in last night and when the RN looked up my records, she told me that it was my tenth donation and quickly produced a "10 donations" pin. I told her I hadn't donated yet, so she should wait until I'm on my way out. She said no, that's silly, and since I'd never been turned away before and always filled my 2 units, there'd be no reason to suspect I wouldn't donate.

Then she pricked my finger to test my hemoglobin levels, and said the drop didn't sink in the solution, but it might be because my hands were cold from the night air. She drew a little bit more and put it in a different, and I assume, more sophisticated tester.

My red blood cell count? 119. A donor's has to be 125... I dunno... parts per million? I don't know what it stands for, but I fell below the standard.

I'm not used to this.

Now, I've quit eating red meat, but I never ate that much to begin with. Maybe my bean intake has dropped. Well, I did start a yoga class recently, so I thought that would be humaine. I don't think I'm under any undue stress.

Why is my iron low?

And now I have to wait another 56 days to donate! And I want my tenth donation! I want that double digit!


Laura said...

So wait...did you or didn't you get your pin?

Catherine said...

No - They wouldn't take the pin back! They said it was my tenth time in intending to donate. Well, intentions don't soothe the burn victims, do they, honey? So now I have this dirty 10th donation pin that mocks me every time I look at it. Humbug.

Lynda said...

56 days? That's so long!

Maybe you'll have to take some iron supplements. Or eat some hamburgers.

marilyn said...

When I come home I'll lend you my 10th donation key-chain......that's right KEY CHAIN! No stinking pin for me. Probably becuase my blood only sinks every second time so they felt sorry for me and brought out the big guns.