Thursday, October 12, 2006

Where To Start?

I'm now in England. I spent Wednesday recharging my batteries from my stupidly timed flight across the ocean. Wednesday night, Alan drove me to Bluewater, the huge mall where I used to work. I looked at a jacket that cost £185, and then decided I should pace myself and put off any shopping until after I get back fom France.

Today I went into London and beelined for the National Portrait Gallery. I spent four hours and I have to go back to finish exploring. Then I got a sandwich from Boots and sat on the embankment to eat it. It was a lovely day - warm, not too warm, and no wind. Then I walked up to the Parliament buildings and took in the sights around there (Ministry of Defence, Westminster Abbey, more statues than all of Canada).

Tomorrow its going to be another trip into the city, and I think this time I'll go to the V&A Museum. I've never been there.

Saturday, it's off to France to see Anna and Nico. Yeah, just like that.


Holly said...

YAY! Best wishes! Enjoy!

Wish I were there!

Anonymous said...

Yippee!!! Catherine is coming :) I hope that you aren't getting tired of museums yet - I've been holding off on a few for when you come! And we are totally going shopping when you are save a few euros for that! Ah...the fun to be had, the food to be eaten...good times!

Anonymous said...

You've been complaining about your state of underemployment for several months and you could seriously contemplate buying jacket for £185 . . . in England before you go to Paris? I could only hope to be so oppressed. You've opened my eyes to the true suffering in the world.

Catherine said...

Oh, spare me, Shadowy Stranger. You obviously don't know me well enough to read my sarcasm. Who said I was seriously contemplating the jacket anyway? I marched out of that shop, double-time. And I'm not going to Paris. You want to be an ill-informed dickhead, at least do us the favour of signing your name.