Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sitting In An English Garden, Waiting For The Sun.

It's forecast to rain all the rest of this week. That's cool, I guess. It is October in England. I expected this, but didn't hope for it.

On Thursday, I lay low around the Munden's house in Bexleyheath, did two loads of laundry, and went for a nice walk. That night, Alan, Liz, their daughter Ruth (who is only a little bit younger than me), and I went into London to go to the theatre! We saw "The Producers," which was so freaking amazing, I could easily go see it again before I go home next Sunday. I saw the original movie and the new one, but nothing compares to the live stage show. I you ever get a chance, leap at it.

Next Thursday, we're going in to see "Bent," a play which I don't know much about, but it was named one of the best plays ever, the tickets were cheap, and Alan Cumming is in it, so we'll give it a go. I'm going to try to see another show before that time, too.

On Friday, I went to the V&A Museum, finally. I was not totally in love with it, actually. There were some really great things, but it really did feel like a bit of a jumble. Rooms spilled into other rooms that were seemingly unrelated, objects were crammed into rooms, and it was all quite overwhelming. There was a Da Vinci special exhibit on, but it was £5, and I hadn't seen the regular exhibits, so I passed. I might go back.

Then I walked around Knightsbridge, which is where Harrod's is located. I didn't go in this time, and didn't really couldn't see any shops that I could afford to set foot in anyway. What did I expect? It was Knightsbridge. Posh, I say!

Yesterday, Saturday, I first went to the Leicester Square Half-Price ticket booth to see if they had any tickets for matinees, but they didn't, so I took the tube up to the Notting Hill Gate station for, you guessed it: Portobello Rd. Market! It goes on and on and on, and I saw some lovely things. I bought myself a little bauble and a sub-par ciabatta bread for lunch, and jst as I decided that I was ready to leave, the heavens opened and violently chucked rain down on all the poor shoppers. Happily, I had a handy-dandy device called an umbrella, which kept my northern hemisphere dry, but from the knees down, I was soaked.

I sought refuge in the tube. I went to Marble Arch because I remembered there was a movie theatre there (it's where I saw Star Wars II in 2002) , and if it was going to rain, a matinee would be a good way to pass the afternoon. By the time I got there, the heavy rain had mostly abated, and there was nothing playing that I wanted to see for another 90 minutes, so I crossed the road over to the Marble Arch, which is at the far end of Hyde Park.

I walked from Marble Arch to the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain, which was really lovely, I must say. I saw the Australian War memorial, and then continued to walk through the Park to come up behind Buckingham Palace. I came across a very beautiful Canadian War memorial which is directly to the left of the Palace, and behind Canada Gate. By then, it started to chuck down rain again, but a great, full-arched rainbow came out over the Queen Victoria memorial when it was all over.

I then walked around to the Victoria Station and caught a train back to Bexleyheath. I usually go to Charing Cross, but I was really tired by then, and didn't want to walk anymore.

Today, Sunday, Alan, Liz and I went to Greenwich. We drove by the National Maritime Musuem, which I went to last time I was here and greatly enjoyed. We also went by the huge stretch of lawn in Blackheath where it is illegal to turn the turf because it was used as a mass grave for London during the black plague and people are unsure (read: afraid) of what might happen if it were disturbed.

In the end, we went to the Greenwich Market, which is lovely. It was covered, which was a marcy because it's raining heavily again today. The market is mostly crafts and products instead of food (which is my favourite market), but I bought a purse from a Moroccan man, and we saw the "antiques" wing of things, which more resembled a garage sale than an antiquities market.

Tomorrow, I don't know what I'm going to do. Of course, I'm going into London, but once I get there, I don't know what I'll do. I still have a list of musuems/galleries I'd like to see, and I really haven't done much shopping yet. Shopping is tiring, though. Looking at art is vivifying.

That's right. I said vivifying.

It'll have to be more galleries if the ruddy rain doesn't stop. Goo goo gajoob.

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