Friday, October 06, 2006

Pillar #2.

I have an announcement. I have devised the second pillar of the Church of Catherine.

You might remember that Pillar #1 involves donating blood. "If you are able to give blood (physically and emotionally), you must do so as often as you can, to the best of your ability."

Pillar #2: A member of the Church of Catherine shall refrain from consuming gum in blister packs. That's overpackaged crap, and only there to protect the candy coating on the gum. Who cares? As kids, did we turn down Chicklets when their colourful candy coating was less than pristine? NO!

Blister packs for gum are bullshit, and I invite everyone to revolt.


marilyn said...

Hurrah for my sister! I must admit, first when Catherine began her revolt against bubble-packed gum I thought "Whoa, my sister is such a raical!", now, I see she was being practical. I am also a refuser of bubble-packed gum! People that buy it are right up there in my books with people who get the styrofoam cups as opposed to paper because "it keeps my coffee hotter longer." Pansies! If it takes you more than 10 minutes to drink a cup of coffee you don't deserve it!

Now you've got my blood boiling Fern! Time to make an appointment to donate!
Have fun in England! Love Marlibear

Daniel said...

umm hello, my name is daniel, long time reader, first time commenter. yeah... i am right behind you catherine! i hope this pillar for your religion causes more bloodshed than the last.. if that is possible.. you can tell the quality of a religion by the direct ratio of pillars to bloodshed... cheers and safe travels!

Rosey said...

May I inquire as to which types of gum you would recommend? I'd love to avoid blister packs, but I'm not sure which gums still package in wrappers or boxes.

Bon voyage!

Catherine said...

Hello! Trident and Extra come in regular packaging, without goo inside, or candy outside. I suggest Extra's Bubblemint. Derishous.