Thursday, October 05, 2006

Almost Done!

One more full day of work (casual day - thank jebus), one more weekend, and one more drive to Halifax...

I'm in at the Art Gallery now. I spent the morning doing inventory of a whole bunch of native Canadian objects that were donated to the Centre. I've been sketching baskets, clay bowls, and soapstone scultures all day so far.

This afternoon I'm going up to UPEI to pick up some material for a short project I've been researching.

I also have to type up a couple of condition reports. That's when we go over a piece of art inch by inch and make notes on its condition. That way, if it was damaged when we got in, we have a record, and if it's damaged while we have it, we'll know. This means the first reports have to be really detailed so the Gallery isn't liable for any damage that might have happened in transit.

Those condition reports were a real drag when we got a whole whack of abstracts. I wasn't sure if that scratch was supposed to be there or not. Oh, well, make a note. Did he mean for there to be a glob of red here, or is it an accretion (Gallery term for a glob of something not supposed to be there)? Make a note of it. Blah blah blah.

It's too bad I won't be back in time to see the Harrises come down. I'd love to handle them and see what Robert Harris had written on the back of the paintings. I'll miss that collection.

This evening I'm going to go over some John Milton with Kelly, one of the ushers from the Centre. I have to bone up a little, in the meantime, though.

I'll try to post again before I go in the big bird, but if not, I'll post from London.



Fiona said...

Got the note u left in my mail box! Oh the crazy lady... I'm almost sorry I missed her! Have a good trip!

Laura said...

Catherine! Have a wonderful trip, and good luck with the shopping. We'll expect fun stories when you get back- in particular, keep track of the marriage proposals. Even better if you have pictures...