Thursday, September 21, 2006

The What Now?

A short note because I'm so tired from WORKING (more than) FULL TIME the last couple of days.

I have been given a researcher position up in the Art Gallery where I've been working on weekends! It's a term position and only 24 hours a week, but my time in the theatre is almost over and I was getting worried. Worried enough to start waiting tables in the restaurant to make some extra cash. That's scrapped now.

24 hours a week will be 3 full days, but since I'm going to be away for 3 weeks in October (and they're ok with that!), I'm banking hours now, so it's basically full time, 5 days a week!

From what I can tell, I'll be doing research for the next exhibit, giving tours of the Gallery, and working on writing, compiling, and editing a catalogue for an exhibition with the Curatorial Director, Kevin Rice (who's a great guy).

Right now, we're changing an exhibit, so I'm doing a lot of grunt work now, and so is everyone else, like the Gallery's Director, Jon Tupper, and the aforementioned Kevin Rice. It's painting walls, unwrapping art, and, what I'm doing: peeling hundreds, nay, thousands of vinyl letters off the walls with a scalpel and a heat gun. My fingers are sore and leprous, and I've burned my arm on that jeezly gun, but I'm happy. Oh so happy.

I'm also a little nervous about getting my head back into research after letting my brain atrophy for a year, but I'm sure I'll be fine. I haven't been given any specific tasks yet, so I'll cross those bridges when I come to them.

I'm very relieved to get a job a year to the day that I defended my thesis in 2005! If it was any more than a year, I'd have to start to worry!

Unfortunately, I still have another six nights scheduled at the theatre, late into the night, so after I work each day from 9-5, I have to hit the aisles from 6-10:30. Bah humbug. But hurrah!


Lynda said...

Congrats, Catherine!!! Wow, curating sounds like super fun! And you still get to go away to England. What fantastic news!

Catherine said...

This IS awesome news, Lou! I'm so stoked that I can still go away. Like the countdown?

And as a PS: Emily - I'm not sure that this isn't the job that you sent to me in that link! Can you believe it? I went sniffing around and asked the right people about it here at the gallery, I guess, because they saw I was interested.

Holy poo!

marilyn said...'s about time ohter people being to realize what an asset you are. We've known it all along! Love you!

Rosey said...

Congratulations Catherine!!! Yay for you! I'm SO happy to hear about this!!!!

Laura said...

Zippity! This is excellent news to have more Catherine in the Centre during the DAY! Lunches! Visits!

I will admit that the Box Office is lacking on Gallery knowledge so hopefully we'll be able to work on that this fall...

And as for the office casual dilemma- we'll have to go shoe shopping.

Jeremy said...

Dearest Fernicus,

Thanks for your detailed response to my last question! Whoot. I'm saving this and will consult it again when it comes time to build my Dream House! (You know, in, like, twenty years.)

By the way, I'm taking a first year intro conversational German class this year, because I'll be working on Kant. This will be followed by a translating course with RS students, but right now I just want the basic fundamentals and I want to be able to speak it. The point is, when you used to say "Später", I thought you were just being a goof and coming up with nonsense rhyming slang for "later". Like, "Shpater, gator." Turns out I am simply a parochial boob and you're, like, cosmpolitan and shit.