Friday, September 15, 2006

Universe 1, Catherine 0.

Last night after work, I decided to have a snack and watch some TV. I prepared a nice big bowl of popcorn and a glass of chocolate milk. I settled into the blue recliner and set out to find something entertaining (most likely an animated show).

I took a sip from my cho milk, and somehow - it all happened so fast - the glass slipped out out my grip and fell into the popcorn bowl.

The bowl shattered in my lap, leaving me staring at a pile of soggy popcorn and chocolate-milky comfy pjs.

I had to laugh, in spite of myself. I sat there, soiled and disappointed, and I still laughed. I was home alone, so I had to grab a blanket off the floor with my toes, draw it up to my lap, and scoop the pieces of bowl and popcorn into a bindle of waste. Then I had to strip off my beloved pjs without flicking the shards into the carpet.

Now I get it - snacking after supper is naughty. Gawd.


Ben said...

Egad--you sure learned that one the hard way, didn't you??

What a waste--of a perfectly good bowl of popcorn, that is. Your pride comes a close second. :)

Holly said...

I laugh cause I love...

Hee hee hee.