Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"See You Tomorrow. Thanks, Catherine."

The above is a quote from one of my new bosses today. She thanked me for the work that I did! Is it super-dee-duper sad that it's the first time in a long time that I've felt appreciated for doing my job?

I'm been kinda mum about Front of House (the usher's department, fyi) this season. This is for two reasons. One: it was a terrible summer for morale and comraderie, and Two: a lot of people I work with read this blog and I'm afraid of being dooced. Not that it would be a huge tragedy to lose a job I hate, but that's not the point with a trip coming up, eh? (See countdown clock where linque du jour once was, and will be again.)

My last post was written when I was totally drunk on sleep. Let me briefly say what I'll be doing in my new job, which, I've found out, is called "Collections Research Assitant." (Too bad - I was really led to believe that the word "curator" would be in there somewhere.) I'll be researching and writing up some extended dance-mix versions of abstracts for grant proposals, and organising stats on acquisitions from the last 15 years, and giving tours around the Gallery, and any other stuff my bosses want.

We're all still taking down the summer's exhibits, and now I really appreciate how much work that is. Everything has to be examined and documented to make sure it's in the same condition it arrived in, then it has to be gingerly taken down and packed up in plastic, bubble wrap, and crates with more foam.

The big thing for me is: I need office clothes! Before, I just thought I liked jeans. Now I know that I was using them as a crutch because they're so easy! I'm having a hard time not going shopping here in Charlottetown for work clothes. I just know that there'll be so much in London.

I need shoes, too, because I have 4 pairs of (awesome) shoes, but the heels are too high and/or they hurt my toes. I need more reasonable shoes for the terrible concrete floors. Oh, Confed Centre. Breakin' me down; buildin' me up. Then breakin' me down again.

Finally: I enjoyed this scathing open letter from David Cross to Larry the Cable Guy, some jackass comedian I hadn't heard of until this year. Anyhow, I guess there was some aggro between these two and David shot him down thoroughly with this letter. I don't know about or care to read a response.


Lynda said...

Ooooo... shopping for work clothes in London. I'm so jealous.

Your new job does sound super fun! I can't wait to hear more about it!

Lynda said...

P.S. I like the "Lisette soft silk ballet flats". And the "High rubber Wellies with laces".

Rosey said...

Sadly, with the J Crew catalogue on my table for breakfast reading, I know exactly which shoes you're talking about Lou!

Erin F said...

Hey Catherine,

Please say hello to everyone there for me (I used to work as back-up reception at the gallery, and I miss the environment). You'll love working with Kevin and Judy and Shauna and Jon. That, and I miss Debbie! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

First of all there is nothing at all sad about reading the jcrew catalogue at breakfast. It's very respectable!!

And yes, the Lisette flats are lovely. So Catherine, when you order yours you can order some for me in 8.5. Thank-you!


marlibear said...

Sign me up for a pair of Marabella Ballet flats please, charcoal or brown....I'm not fussy.
I am so happy you enjoy your job and your bosses are nice. I want to come to England with you too....it would be super fun. We could skip, hold hands, and sing the sister-song!
Love you

Laura said...

Cate! Have you seen October's BUZZ yet? Number 5 or 6 (I don't remember the order...) is in Half Nelson (they're talking Oscar!) so it's high time we organized a Centre trip to City Cinema. Please tell me you're still here between October 11 and 15th...actually, forget that. With two papers due on the 13th, I will only be here in both spirit and body on Freaky Friday and after...

Lynda said...

Not only is Half Nelson playing, but also Bon Cop, Bad Cop AND Scoop!! I am so jealous!