Saturday, September 30, 2006

Bye-bye, Mon Cowboy. Bye-bye Mon Rodéo.

Canada Rocks! is done. All the lights have dimmed, the seats have emptied and shirts have been sold out. Yes, even that one. No, we don't have any extra-larges left. Only small. Only small left in that one. Sorry, there's only small left.

After the show, the BO Brigade (Box Officers) and the FOH (ushers) eventually got together in the FOH office for some hot, sweaty fun. We all crammed in the small bunker of an office, with, as luck would have it, the faire Lady Lynda as well. We were talking and some were drinking, when a commotion at the door brought us Sweeney MacArthur. Sweeney is the MC of Canada Rocks! and Mr. Phillips in Anne. Oh, and, no shit - he did the voice for Tim's Roll up the rim to win! ads. He's a Scot, no doubting that - he puts on a Canadian accent for CR!, but lays on the brogue for Anne. Actually, I'm not even sure he plays up his accent all that much. It's very thick. Anyhow, in the course of the short time he visited, he called me Agent Mulder and told me if I went to Scotland for 4 days in October, I'd get 4 proposals of marriage. I'm sold!

Bye-bye, mon héros. Bye-bye mon gigolo.

Another one of the actors came and took Sweeney away, and the party fizzled momentarily, but soon after we were back dancing in the office. God, I was stupid to stay out so late. I had to work at 9am this morning, and I didn't get home until 1:45am. I know, it's not that late, but mama needs her sleep!

I'm in at work now, and this is my last weekend Gallery shift! Holy crap! After three months now of working at the Centre 6 and 7 days a week, I'm really looking forward to having weekends off like a normal person.

Yesterday, I booked my flight to France. I'm going to visit Anna in Toulouse, like I've mentioned before. When I was shopping for flights, I settled on Easyjet. Ryanair was a little cheaper, but Easyjet was direct into Toulouse. Anyhow, when I checked on Thursday, the round trip flight cost £55, but when I went to book it yesterday, the price had dropped £10! In the end, with a small fee for using a credit card, my flight only cost me £49. Round trip, London to Toulouse. Wow! That's only about $110 Canadian. It cost more than that to get to Halifax, by plane, train, or automobile.

So, I have one more shift here in the Gallery, one more appearance in the Gallery to launch the new exhibits, one more shift down in the theatre, and one more week of work in the Gallery offices before I go. I am very ready for this summer festival season to end and get on with my next little adventure.

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Genesta MacInnis said...

Hi Catherine!
It's me - Genesta MacInnis - from high school... and from Religious Studies at UPEI. I found your website online - I'll explain how in an email that isn't posted for all to see - and thought I'd write to you.
I am living in Vancouver and going through post grad school job search hell. I read on you blog that you have gone through similar pains... perhaps still are?
Would you mind please sending me your email address? We can commiserate and catch up.
I hope my email find you well Catherine!
All the best!