Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I Want A Real Job.

I'm 27.

I have an MA.

I'm working at a job I've had since I was 19.

Extreme frustration to the point of tears, sometimes.

My peers have real jobs.

What the fuck am I doing wrong?


sparkles said...

My 2 cents.

I think you should come back to Ottawa, start volunteering with as many NGO's as you can find - I'm sure they would be happy to have a smart young thing like yourself to help out. I think you will get a job within 2 months. It might be a contract, it might be crap pay, but I bet it will be interesting....

Anonymous said...

I agree. I don't know the East Coast as well as some, but from what I hear, it doesn't have the best job market. On top of that, you seem to be mentally defeated: "for there is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so." Seems like your in a psychological rut. Time to break free.

Catherine said...

K, thanks for the advice. I know I should be thinking about leaving the East Coast, but I'd rather leave the entire country, I think.

And no - nobody out there suggest teaching abroad. I'm not interested.

As for you, shadowy stranger, your very astute. The East Coast doesn't have a great job market. It does, however, have a spirit that one cannot find anywhere else in the country.

As for being mentally defeated, your also very right. I think, though, after almost 11 months of job searching without getting one interview, being forced to return to work at a wholly unfulfilling job for proportional-to-the-responsibility-of-the-job unfulfilling pay, and after bleeding out my eyes for two years to earn an MA which isn't proving useful at all, I have earned the right to be mentally defeated.

So pray tell, shadowy stranger, how do you suggest I break out of this psychological rut?

Emm said...

Aw, Cate. I feel your pain (I'm going on to month 5 of unemployment myself in September). While PEI might not be the best place to job hunt, I totally understand your desire to stay there, and I respect that. Just keep applying for stuff... as much stuff as you can that might be interesting, and is also more challenging than what you are doing now. The more applications you send out, the better odds you have of getting something (or, at least, this is the strategy I am employing). You can do it!

Laura said...

Catherine, I'm SURE you've already tried looking at UPEI, but, just in case I'm not telling you something you've already done, have you seen any posts open with the Institute of Island Studies? And even if there aren't any positions open now, have you gone in and visited Irene? If something came up and she knew you, it might work...And what about leaving your name with Research and Development at the university?

Have you called the Cooper Insititue, or tried volunteering (at first, and to make contacts) with something like the Newcomers Association, or Island Eco-Net?

Anyway, I think you're fabulous and have no idea why someone hasn't hired you for a swank grown-up job. Maybe the Island is just too small for your staggering genius, sparkling wit and stupendous attitude (so I ran out of 'S' descriptors there, sorry...).
I'm rooting for you!

Catherine said...

Thanks, all, for the encouragement. I'll look into some of your suggestions, Laura, and I'll talk to you at the Centre.