Sunday, August 27, 2006

The First Little Pig Was Right.

Things are looking up.

Although little has changed in my circumstances, I have decided to take two strategic breaks from my circumstances.

Point the first: On September 1st to the 4th, I'll be attending a Strawbale Construction Workshop in Quispamsis, New Brunswick. (I almost wrote "near Saint John" instead of Quispamsis to spare me from reading comments teasing the name of the town. I don't care that it's a funny word. It just is.)

I'm very excited about this because I found a college course that seems to have been designed for just what I want to learn. It's in Ontario, of course, but the town (Haliburton) is next to Algonquin National Park, and, more importantly, it's not Hamilton. Anyhow, since I've only ever had a strong interest in sustainable housing but never any hands-on experience, this workshop is a great opportunity for me to roll up my sleeves, learn about some technicalities, and gain some skills.


Addendum: I'll be staying with Lynda in Fredericton while I'm doing the workshop, which will be a big treat, because besides her company (always a big treat), I will get to see her much-loved apartment.

Point the second: Yesterday I booked a flight to England! I'll be there for 19 days in October. I'll be staying with my friends in Blackheath, which isn't far from London, and I might be able to get down to see Anna in her new home of Toulouse (!), if our schedules allow.

I had a hard time talking myself into booking the trip, not having a real job or much (read: any) money. Still, if I had a proper job, I wouldn't be able to take three weeks and go to England, so off I go! This year has been really hard for me, starting at the first of September oh-five, so I desperately need a little bit of rejuvenation and adventure and time to myself.

I can't wait to see art galleries, and museums, and maybe a couple of shows! Zippity!

Looking forward to these two trips make the concrete floors and mundane routine of working in Front of House at the Confederation Centre more tolerable.


Holly said...

Dear lord... this is a lot of news in one post.


I am pleased for you.

And England does trump Ohio, I guess. Rats.

Catherine said...

I've heard Ohio is the London of America.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear things are looking up. I hope this year is better than the last. I just started reading your blog recently, but I can't seem to find in your archives the bad event that occured in September "oh-five." Just curious. If it was some sort of family event that can't be published, then I'm sorry for asking.

Have fun in London. See lots of great shows. I'm a huge Anne fan (which is how I found your blog), and I don't think there is anything wrong with quoting THE MUSICAL.

Anne fan

Holly said...

Oh yes. Cincinnati is just about as swank as you can get, baby.

That's why Venus Flytrap and Les Nestman live there.

Anonymous said...

Yippee!!! Catherine is coming to visit me in Toulouse! My first PEI guest! A fun time will be had by all - walking the narrow streets while trying not to get hit by cars, staying in a tiny apartment, and of course, eating lots of foie gras and cheese! A change of scene is good for the spirit...I'm really happy that you decided to buy a ticket. I can't wait to explore a piece of France with you :D

Catherine said...

Yeah, "Anne Fan", I didn't go into a lot of detail about the misery that was last September, because I don't always want to be a downer on this blog (I'd prefer it to be an entertaining place). I got in trouble once for discussing my feelings about a situation on my blog, so I just decided to be evasive. Evasive doesn't offend people. Apparently. I'm sure keeping my opinions to myself is more pleasant for everyone involved.

Anna, I'm not so sure what I think about foie gras. I'm not socially responsible in a lot of ways, but I don't think I can eat it. I like cheese a lot, though. A lot. Can I replace my foie gras consumption avec pain et fromage?

Emm said...

Awesome news! Good for you!


Wish I could come... I have a thing for Wales/UK in general. One day.

Jeremy said...


You will be Catherine The Builder in no time!