Sunday, July 09, 2006

Suzuki v. Sniderman.

In the flush of it all, I said meeting Sam Sniderman trumped meeting David Suzuki. Now that the excitement has died down, I know that's silly.

I did get to have a nice chat with Mr. Sniderman, who came into the theatre on Friday night with his wife to see Canada Rocks. I snuck into his row at intermnission (I had Laurette man my t-shirt table), introduced myself, and spoke with him for less than five minutes. He told me he lives on Prince Edward Island six months a year now, up near Brackley Beach, and invited me up for a drink some time. I'd love to go, because the man is a Canadian icon, but at the same time, what do I do; knock on his door and invite myself in? Would he even remember me? I'd love to chat with him again. I dunno.

Sam Sniderman is more commonly known as "Sam the Record Man." He said his sons manage his two remaining stores now. There's the big flagship store in Toronto, and another one downtown in Halifax, which is probably the best music store I've ever been in. It's not big, flashy and obnoxiously loud like any generic HMV, but plain, homemade, sincere, and not overrun by DVDs. You might pay a dollar or two more per album, but I couldn't believe the variety. There are three storeys of music, with huge sections dedicated to jazz, opera, classical, international, rap, rock, and so on, with a featured East Coast and Canadian area. I liked the rock area, and it was the only place I'd found to carry Ted Leo and the Pharmasists albums.

I was distracted by Mr. Sniderman's Order of Canada lapel pin on his powder blue suit jacket. It's the first time I'd seen one, I think.

Well, walking away, I was stoked because I shook the hand of a Canadian institution, so I was reflecting about meeting Suzuki. I guess, between two icons, it was like apples and oranges. Dr. Suzuki works in fields I'm more interested in, and hope to make a living out of (not genetics, but conservation), but Mr. Sniderman is a beloved puveyor of entertainment. Since I'm not a big fan of commerse and consumption (or, more to the point, over-consumption), I suppose Suzuki wins this bout, even if I didn't have a nice one-on-one chat with him and he spelled my name with a K.

And yes, I know at first glance, Sniderman looks like Spiderman. I can't help it. Consider, though, how cool it would be to watch David Suzuki battle Spidey? Better than Godzilla and Mothra. That was fuckin' lame.


Laura said...

I hear you about the Halifax store- it's the only time I've ever spent triple digits on CDs. A year later, ALL worth it.

And you should totally just rock up to his place for a drink. Bring Lynda along as the ice breaker- they're the only two people to share special festival privileges.

And don't feel bad about Suzuki and the mis-spelling. Lanny MacDonald called me 'big fella' when I was four and wearing a purple sweater. I blame my mother for the confusion and the short haircut.

Krista Sparkles said...

I'm going to weigh in on this icon showdown by saying that, if I had to choose, I'd rather make out with Suzuki than Sniderman.

Catherine said...

Hear, hear. Suzuki is a handsome man.