Sunday, July 16, 2006

Nickels and Dimes.

I've tried to post several times in the last week. I start to ramble about something utterly inconsequential, stop to read it, decide it's useless and inane, and then delete it.

My week has been rather unremarkable. I have worked every day, at least four hours at a time, since the 4th of July. Since most shifts are only four hours, it doesn't seem like I'm working a lot, which I guess I'm not, but there is a definite difference between a day where you don't have to work very much and a day where you don't have to work at all. When I work, I have to troubleshoot, be diligent, and wear my game face. I wish I had a job where I was more creative, or had projects to work on. Then I'd feel that I was accomplishing something other than herding tourists.

One fun thing that happened this week was a foray into a new board game called "Settlers of Catan." Some of the people at work are Settlers junkies, so when I heard there was a games night planned, I tagged along. I understand now, the obsession. I have been thinking about strategy for days. I am not very good at strategy games. I'm better at trivia or Pictionary (a shout out to Anders, my Pictionary life partner), and the basic level of strategy one needs to successfully play a game like Scrabble eludes me. Settlers of Catan, I've been told, is not unlike Risk, and I had visions of it being steeped in D&D lore. It is not. No Carlos the Dwarf for me!

Another fun thing was a trip to Greenwich with Katie and Melanie on Monday. I was chased by a squadron of horseflies and didn't get a sunburn (to my amazement - maybe my skin isn't like parchment). I really like the Greenwich area of the PEI National Park, and found my ire was raised when I saw a man leading a husky-like dog off the beach. Les cheins sont interdits sur les plages! Old habits die hard. Marram grass and piping plovers, not so much.

I attended a birthday supper for Jackie, and even though I had the cheapest entree on the menu, with some obligatory dessert, I still spent an entire shift's pay on one meal. Holy shit, it was good, though. And I got to wear my nice shoes, as it was a special occasion.

I've been speaking to Marilyn a lot, lately. She and Mike are coming home soon (first week of August!), and we have plans to hold hands and skip.

I also got to see Shear Madness, the show playing at the MacKenzie Theatre this summer. It was very funny, and despite trying to maintain a professional air at the back of the house, I was screaming laughing at parts. Tickets were only $25, so I recommend it to all. There was a lady in the audience there who was amazing. She was the drunkest I'd ever seen a person who didn't pass out or throw up.She must have arrived three-quarters in the bag because there's no way the barstaff would overserve her that much. Maybe she was on an antihistimene... I mean, damn...

Finally, I have added celebrity husband lucky number 13 to my list. No, it's not Daniel Radcliffe. He's way too young. I do have some scruples, people.


marilyn said...

I can't wait to skip and hold hands too...Mike's not so excited.

Emm said...

Having just found your blog recently, I'm going through the previous posts and suddenly discovered you've been introduced to Settlers of Catan. I want to warn you about this game, having been forced to play it once in St. John's. It's evil. From my (an anthropological) perspective, it's about Europeans invading a "new world" (aka one that is home to many indigenous peoples who are completely invisible in the game) and ruining it through their pursuit of industrial "progress". Is it right that this type of exploitation and assimilation be celebrated in a game where young Germans and North Americans learn that this is right and fun? It's like Monopoly teaching all of us to be good little capitalists. Argh.