Monday, July 03, 2006

Break Radio Silence.

Phew. Sorry, folks, for being incommunicado. I feel now that my life's about to get into a routine.

I've been made concessionist for "Canada Rocks" on the mainstage of the Confederation Centre of the Arts, a job that has its advantages. I have to arrive a half-hour earlier and sometimes I stay 15 minutes longer than the other ushers. I don't have to do a lot of math, and I don't have to talk to as many people as I would if I were ushering. (Although I'm good at talking to the public, I find it draining after a while.) I also get Mondays and Saturdays nights off. Sweet.

Also, some fun news is: I got some hours up the in the Art Gallery/Musee des Beaux-Arts at the Confederation Centre. I work 4 hours a day on Saturdays and Sundays, and I start this weekend. I love art galleries, so I hope this is something I will enjoy. When I go travelling, visiting the museums and art galleries are always high on my to-do list. No, the Confed Art Gallery isn't London's Portrait Gallery (my favourite), but it has the biggest collection east of Montreal, and over 8,000 works of painter Robert Harris and architect William Critchlow Harris.

Last week was the Lucy Maud Montgomery Institute Conference, so Ben LeFebvre was is town. I didn't get to see him present his paper because Roseanne and Michelle were presenting theirs (which was fascinating), but I hung out with Ben and Hannah Jones on Wednesday night. We had supper at la Maison Gahan and drinks at the 42nd St. Lounge. Ben is doing some cool research on Montgomery's manuscripts, and it was fun to watch him get animated about things that other people (including me) can't really appreciate.

For Canada Day, Anders, his cousin Erwin and his wife Darlene and I went clam digging, only I checked the tide chart wrong and the tide was coming in, not going out. Bah. Later, we BBQed at the Balderston's and played outdoors. They made fun of my veggie burger, but not my feta in oil and baguette offering. 'Twas delish. Lisa came by with Paige, and the long lost DJ MacAskill came by. Deej is an old friend who now works for the military in avionics in Halifax. Fine for him, having a fulfilling career. I happen to like selling t-shirts and living with my Mum and Dad, thank you very much! sob.

The bruise on my butt is even more gross now that a week has passed. I wish it was just one colour again. Now it's a rainbow of gangrenous flesh. Hot!

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