Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Sacred Balance.

The sacred balance of me doing something with my days while the World Cup is on. I'm watching Togo v. Korea now, which is turning out to be a cool game. Togo scored 30 minutes in, and then a Togo player was sent off with a red card, and the Koreans just responded with an equalizer. Bah. I want Togo to win, being its first time at the World Cup and all. Now they're short-handed. Short-footed?

Two nights ago Mum, Anna, Jackie and I went to see Dr. David Suzuki, which was a fantastic experience. He is, as expected, a great speaker, and told super stories about spending time with aboriginals in Canada and Brazil. He showed some slides and video, including a fantastic speech that his daughter made in Brazil in 1992.

He signed my copy of his autobiography and I got to speak to him for a moment. We're best friends now. Oh, by the way, I'm legally changing the spelling of my name to "Katherine." Well, no... I respect the dude, but not that much.

Then last night Roseanne and I went to see "Hamlet," which was put on by a youth group in Stratford (-apon-Hillsborough). I was stoked to see my favourite play performed for the first time, and it was awesome, but it wasn't quite what I'd hoped. What they did was have it in rhyming verse, with a narrator and actors bantering. It was cool, and funny, and the kids seemed to have a lot of fun.

Finally, big happy birthday to Lynda in Fredericton!


Holly said...

You laugh, but getting an autograph can really leave a life-long impression.

I got Timothy Findley to sign my copy of _Not Wanted on the Voyage_ a few years ago, and I swear there was a connection (for me). In any case, it has really intensified my Findley reading experience.

And I like the name Katherine. David Suzuki can't ever be wrong.

Lynda said...

Thanks for the shoutout, Catherine!

I'm so jealous you got to meet David Suzuki! Super cool!