Thursday, June 08, 2006

Pick 'n' Mix.

I’ll make this quick because for some reason, Blogger has been very fickle the last few days, and this window in which I’m connected may close at any time.

1) I’m getting stoked about the World Cup. England v. Paraguay, June 10th. In-Guh-Lund! In-Guh-Lund! Come on you laa-ads!

Brazil’s touted to win. That’s cool, too, especially since Rubens, the great ex-classmate of mine, just moved back to Rio after being in Canada for 5 years. That’ll be a fun return for him.

Apparently the authorities are concerned about all the English fans traveling to Germany for FIFA’s Cup. England is different from Canada, where racial slurs and rude stereotypical nationalism are mainstream and not very taboo. I have heard that English fans have had to have been reminded that Nazi salutes, shouting “seig heil,” and goose-stepping are illegal in Germany. Forget that all the Nazi stuff is illegal - they had to be reminded! It wouldn’t occur to a lot of football-heads that that kind of behaviour is inappropriate while visiting Germany!

John Cleese, who had a famous incident on Fawlty Towers involving German guests, was asked to write a song to remind fans to be cordial while visiting ol’ Deutschland. It is a rousing anthem which goes, “Don’t mention the war – that’s what football’s for.” I’ve been digging for a file of it, but can’t find one yet.

2) I donated blood yesterday. My time wasn’t great. 15:10. I wanted 12 minutes or less. Maybe next time.

3) On Sunday I get to go see David Suzuki. He’s on a speaking tour of Canada promoting his autobiography, which I am currently reading. I’ll report back on that later. Then,

4) On Monday, I’m going to go see a community production of Hamlet. Hamlet is my favourite play, followed closely by Tom Stoppard’s “Rozencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.” I only love R&G are Dead so much out of my love for Hamlet and an early crush on Tim Roth. Third fave play? Probably “Art” by Yasmina Reza. I saw it in 2002 in London. Hella funny.

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Holly said...

You know... I know someone who would lurve a Suzuki autograph.