Monday, June 05, 2006

Out Came The Sun And Dried Up All The Rain.

We got 91 mm of rain* over the weekend. It was kinda nice, besides feeling a little trapped inside. I went out this morning at around 7:30, and it smelled positively fertile. It reminded me a lot of early mornings when I worked at the campground in the PEI National Park.

Lisa brought Paige home from the hospital yesterday. I know I said she's healthy and that's all that matters, but the icing on top is, she's a really beautiful kid.

Today, the Malibu (affectionately named Stacey) that we've (meaning Dad) leased for the last four years went back to the dealer. I'll miss having access to my own vehicle. Now I'll have to change CDs when I borrow Mum's minivan. Hot poo.

New movie review that I'm particularly excited about.

New Linque du Jour. Clapboard Jungle, the movie review site to which I contribute, is moved to my OCD links.

*Jackie has informed me that this is a Biblical amount of rain. My source? My father. Perhaps he said 9.1 mm, not 91mm. What am I, a quotiologist?

P.S. Ugh. I just got an email from the same above-mentioned uppity know-it-all federal worker (you know the sort) informing me that Charlottetown only got 37mm of rain this weekend. Happily for me, I don't live in Charlottetown, I live in Stratford; Epicentre of Deluge Deux.


Lynda said...

Fredericton got 91.2 mm of rain over the weekend. That's a lot of rain.

Catherine said...

Well! Maybe my father and I were both right and maybe Jackie shouldn't put her oar in! I thought it rained a lot! The PEI soil is sandy and porous enough to absorb Deluge Deux.

Holly said...

ummm... Any reason the link to Clapboard above (in article) comes up with celebrity arses??

What the heck is it between you and that thing, anyway?

What is the line between "enjoys a good larf" and "ass freak"?

Catherine said...

Aha! I was conducting a social experiment involving arses and my undying love for arses. Curses!Foiled!

Holly said...

Those PEI perverts! Who would have thunk that all those freckles and strawberry ices would hide such depravity?