Friday, June 09, 2006

My New Theme Song.

I'm not going to go on about Al Yankovic. I've always liked the dude, even before he starred in a Much Music Special called Al TV. My sister and I can probably still chant the "Harvey the Wonder Hampster" theme song. (I can't speak for her, but I know I can.)

I know he's goofy, and I think that's why people write him off as some silly paracite. So wrong. He writes a lot of original stuff that is way funnier than his parodies, even though he still keeps up with those, too.

Hence, my new theme song. Despite references to playing Halo (which I could neither navigate nor afford), it's me. Thanks to Holly for sending it along.


Holly said...

I swear that I didn't mean to point out any parallels when I sent it!

Yay, Weird Al! The ONLY man who ever managed to make accordion playing cool... Or at least more exciting.

You may safely keep Clooney. I'll take Mrs. Holly Yankovic, thanks.

Holly said...

And HALO is less like you than the inflatable date???

Good to know.

Catherine said...

I thought I'd leave the inflatible alone. I didn't think it really applied to me, or I would be interested if it did. Maybe I lack imagination...

And I know you weren't teasing when you sent it - I'm just uber-sensitive to my lameness these days.

And egad, Holly, can you imagine how awesome your wedding to Al would be? I bet you can!

Holly said...

Three little words: EVENT OF THE CENTURY...

OK... Four little words.

You don't have to count to love Al!

mel said...

you know that's not an original, right...? I'd be curious to hear something original by weird al. I didn't know he made any.

Holly said...

He has actually recorded more original songs than parodies or medleys.

Originals include:
"One More Minute"
"You Don't Love Me Anymore"
"Hardware Store"
"Wanna B UR Lovr"
"Since You've Been Gone"
"The Night Santa Went Crazy"
"Genius in France" (which is a Zappa send-up, but is original)

And, of course, the ever-popular
"She Never Told Me She Was a Mime"

Catherine said...

Oh, yeah, I know THIS one isn't original (James Blunt, represent), but his original stuff is really worth looking into. For some reason, I always liked "Frank's 2000-inch TV." I don't know why.

marilyn said...

Harvey, Harvey, Harvey the wonder hampster...he doesn't bite, and he doesn't squeal, he just runs around in his hampster wheeel....Harvey, Harvey, Harvey the wonder hampster. HEY HARVEY!
How could I forget the evenings, sitting around the fireplace with mom, dad, and the children, drinking cocoa and singing about Harvey. Or maybe it was just you and me sitting on our duffs in front of the tv. Good times.