Sunday, June 18, 2006

Atticus Finch.

Mum and I just watched To Kill A Mockingbird, which I think is a perfect movie to watch on Father's Day.

Dad's off with the Feds dealing with the avian flu fallout. Mum said some other provinces' Health Officers won't let the Feds come to help, but Dad's always willing. We had an E. coli outbreak a few years ago, and a Federal Health Officer told Dad that they couldn't believe so many people were willing to work overtime, on weekends, and come to help even though they had retired. Dad had to tell him that he hadn't even ask them to, but they volunteered.

Sometimes I wish I knew Dad other than just my father, like, if I got to work with him or something. People really do respect and adore him. He's a very noble man.


Holly said...

You are very lucky.

I got to know my dad as his employee... Noble may be wrong for him. However, amazing in his ability to withstand and inflict long and painful hours of physical labour? That one works.

Updated Clapboard, btw... Though now it occurs to me that I should have picked something dad-related. _Jane of Lantern Hill_, perhaps?

Oh well, live and learn.

marbear said...

I agree Fern, it would be cool to see dad 'in action' at work and see what all the fuss is about. But I think I would rather him as 'dad'. I don't think many people at work get to play crib with dad, and if we worked with him it may be seen as inappropriate when we hug him. Two things I am not willing ot give up.
Love you