Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It's Raining On Prom Night.

Ok, I don't want to post this because I don't want to be one of those bloggers, but what up with Grey's Anatomy last night? A prom? For real? Why didn't they just have Shepherd water-ski over a shark?!? Does the Chief really wield that kind of power? And are we really meant to believe that they all just had formalwear already hanging in their closets? And Izzie's dress? Really? And there were two others that she couldn't decide between? What, were the other two too heavy with Swarovski crystals?

I am sad about the outcome. Yeah, here's a spoiler. I wasn't always warm to the Cajun, but in the end I really liked him, and hey, now he's dead. (Who else was watching his adam's apple, though; just willing it to twitch?) And are Izzie's boobs really all that big? Blonde, I'll give ya, but big boobs? I've seen bigger.

Um, and George is awesome.

This is the part where people who don't watch this show lose interest. Sorry, hosers. I'll treat you to my prom night.

My prom night was darn ok. It was not a negative experience at all, in hindsight. I went with a guy who remains a great friend, even though I didn't thank him in my ackowledgements page of my MA thesis, an oversight he never lets me forget. He got his Dad's Jag (no shit) for the 5-minute drive there, and we danced a lot. At one point when we were dancing (to Unchained Melody, no less), he felt the need to tell me that he had two boxes of film in his pocket. I realise now that I should have been insulted. I mean, my dress was pretty low-cut!

Then we went to a barn (no shit times two) up on the North Shore for a party, where he spent the night avoiding me and getting drunk. I admit, I was a strange teatotaler at that point in my life. I lost track of him after I found him and tried to be a total buzzkill. Then I was driven home by another friend. The next morning I went to the North Shore to find him, where I thought he was camping, couldn't find him, went home to find one of his friends in his bed, so I hung out with him for a while. Good times.

I'd never want to go to a prom again. I mean, wouldn't my next prom logically be my wedding? Maybe this is why I balk at the idea of having a wedding. I hate the obligation and spectacle of it.

It's so done.


mel said...

So, this is me playing devil's advocate: Izzie is a former model, so if anyone had three crazy fancy dresses to choose from, I'd say it would be her.

And dammit I love this show too much to think that it's jumped the shark after only two seasons, but I laughed out loud at your happy days reference.

Catherine said...

Yeah, that is true. I didn't put that together, even though I'm not sure models are able to keep samples like that. She would have the access, though. The only dress that was reasonable was Baily's.

Holly said...

I went to my prom with the German exchange student... That should go on any book jacket I ever have.

Lynda said...

Yay for George.

And when they started the whole prom thing, the phrase "jump the shark" also popped into my head.

Anonymous said...

Hey Catherine, your prom night experience was pretty good, as I recall. I was the one who was fighting a losing battle with laryngitis! That's what this episode needed...one of the top surgeons arriving in a show-stopping formal gown hacking all over everyone and sounding like a throat cancer patient.
P.S. I feel like I've "crossed the line" by posting. Oh well.

Catherine said...

You HAVE crossed the line, Mare. Beyond the point of no return. You'll be naval-gazing yourself, soon! Bwa ha ha!