Friday, May 05, 2006

Gushue They Ain't.

My dream last night was an alternate version of the Black Eyed Peas’ video for “Pump It.” I’m not saying it needs revision because the original version is AWE-some, but here below is mine.

The Peas were at a curling rink. I know – supafly. This one part I remember was shot from above, and when the song goes, “Pump it (louder!), pump it (louder!),” etc., Will I. Am. was doing a one-legged hop thing and on the beat, kicking the boundary of the ice inwards, so when he was finished, the outer boards touched either side of the eight-foot. Then, in the descending “Oh, oh, oh, oh,” etc., that creepy Taboo guy threw a stone, and it bopped into other stones along the way (not past the hog line, but I don't think this was a regulation game, so they were left in play) like it was a pinball game, also to the beat of the music.

So how I made this video change from a gang fight in a parking garage (which features some cool Capoeria-like moves) to a bizarre twist of time and space on a curling rink, I’ll never know.

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