Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Farewell And Adieu To Ye Fair Ones.

So, the ladies are gone. Kristin, Hisako, Stephanie, and Donna Seamone were here for a visit from Friday night to Sunday morning. They arrived in a hail of junebugs on a warm May night.

Check out our busy Saturday: We left the house by 10:30ish, did a short, looping walking tour of old Charlottetown and left for Kensington, home of Frosty Treat, Frosty Treat, place so nice you say it twice. Stephanie impressed us all by finishing two soft-serve cones, one with chocolate dip. It was raining, windy and cold in Kensington, but it was pleasant again when we arrived at Cape Tryon (see pic below), which has breathtaking views, but difficult to track down.

From there we went to Cavendish, where I regurgitated a lot of Parks Canada propaganda/information and tried to do a slipshod bivalve shell tour. (No, no periwinkles, therefore, no univalves. Get off my back. Gah.) From Cavendish beach, we went to the Green Gables house, where we snuck in through the exit. The girls were not all that interested in GG, but they wanted trinkets for friends. I think it was Edward Bruner who said the next best thing to being in a place is knowing someone who was. M.A. thesis, represent!

We then drove around Rustico Bay to the Brackley Beach area, but time was getting on, so we stopped in at the Dunes to see what they had and to visit Hannah Jones, who let us go up the tower even though it wasn't yet open to the public. (Sweet 2005: 72-76)

We booted it home in time for a huge feed which my Mum put together. Salads, lobster, mussels, veg burgers and turkey medallions, with rhubarb and blurberry pie with ice cream for dessert. My guts hurt for quite some time after that.

We went to the Gahan House for drinks afterwards, but we were all too full to get our drink on. Lisa, her Chris, Carolyn and Jackie met us all there. 'Twas fine, but I was feeling the effects of a food OD, so I was pretty out of it.

The ladies left the next morning, and caught the ferry back to NS, where they flew home from Halifax later in the day.

It was really nice to see them all, because sometimes when you say goodbye to friends from a specific time in your life, there's a suspicion that you might never see them again, and that's what I was afraid might happen with these folks. Hisako and Kristin are going to Japan for the autumn, Stephanie is moving back to Saskatchewan, and Donna will start teaching at Acadia in September, so it was good timing for a visit.

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mel said...

I am in love with that clip. Niiiiice link.

Ben said...

Why, what do you mean, Green Gables propaganda? It's all true, isn't it?

Isn't it?

Isn't it?

Catherine said...

No, Ben. There's no propaganda about Green Gables and all Green Gables-related attractions. That's all genuine article historical material. Anne Shirley was a real person, like Anna Leonowens, did you know that? True dat.