Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Don't Get Mad; Don't Be Mean.

Nelly is so insanely hot in her new video, the hook is so tight, I have a crush on Timbaland, and there's even a cameo by JT. Still, there's something I don't like about her new release, "Promiscuous." It might be because it's better but still similar to a lot of the other Rhianna/Ciara/popping airhead/heavily sampled music on the airwaves. Furtado was always sexy in a very unique way, but now it's a little bandwagony.

I think it might become my Happy Summer Song '06 despite all these reservations.

And damn: I always thought Timbaland shopped in the husky boys aisle, but no: he's hugely stacked! Brick shithouse! He should take his shirts off more often!


Krista Sparkles said...

It REALLY BUGS me that she is not really singing AT ALL in the song, just sort of talking though the WHOLE THING. SIng Nellie, for god's sake, sing!

p.s. This has been bugging me for weeks. Thank you for the opportunity to get it off my chest.

mel said...

The new stuff I've seen from Nelly Furtado breaks my heart. I loved her first two albums so much, and although I haven't heard the whole thin, and just heard the new single (so I can cling to a bit of hope that she'll redeem herself), I'm so disappointed. Usually it's the softmore album when artists cave and put out stuff just so it will get played in clubs and on the radio, but that's all I hear from this third album, when the first two were catchy, unique and meaningful. Nelly was always my exception when it came to my musical snobbery and pop music. The question remains: has she lowered the bar, or am I becoming more of a jerk? Both is also an option.

PS: this has ALSO been bugging me for weeks.

Catherine said...

I just hate that it's so catchy AND it's her. I expect more from her, like you said, Mel, unique and meaningful. And you're right, too, Kris: she talk-raps through the whole thing! And in the singing parts we really can't hear how good she is because it's so high and airy.

Thanks, girlies, for having my back.