Tuesday, May 23, 2006

All Roads Lead To Jorm.

I had a short burst of activity last week when I went to Halifax and the Annapolis Valley, and then returned to the usual level of dormancy. Every day I tried to think of something interesting to post to keep my e-pitchfork-wielding readers from busting down my e-gate. Every day I failed.

I'll try.

Point One: Three of my ex-classmates and an ex-TA prof from Hamilton are coming to visit me this weekend. There's a conference at Acadia this week, and then on Friday and Saturday, they'll come play on my Island. I'm pretty stoked, because I haven't seen them since September, and I get to show them my home. I think only one of them had ever been to Prince Edward Island, so it should be fun. Frosty Treat, Frosty Treat (the place so nice you say it twice), here we come!

Point Two: I love the Annapolis Valley. The apple blossoms were about to burst, and everywhere, there was an air of fertility. We stopped into a road-side market, and there are a lot. There were fresh fiddleheads, asparagus, oatcakes, honey, sauerkraut, and, of course, apples. There were walls of McIntosh and Cortlands, $5 for a half bushel. I just wanted to stand there and breathe in the air all day long. It smelled so fresh. I think now, this autumn, I'll move down to the Valley and work at Henniger's or Avery's stand until the last apple falls.

Point Three: I seemed to have guilted my prom date with my last post. He said he was sorry for ruining my entire prom, which is so far from the truth. I don't look back on my prom as ruined - not in the least. In fact, I think I had the most well-rounded prom experience I could have, despite not getting drunk or knocked up.

The upshot is, my dear prom date (And how cool is it that this guy is part of my life's history now? I am very lucky because some of my girlfriends had jerks or weirdos for dates.) is taking me out to make it up to me. His uncle and late aunt are being inducted into some sort of hall of fame, and I'm going with him to the swanky dinner and hopefully dancing thing! I love dancing! I like getting dressed up, too. Well, when I have something to wear. I'ma get sloppy and dance on a table.

Point Four: Compare this terrible song and accompanying video (beware: nasty content) to this terrible song and accompanying video (beware: comic nasty content). You should all now appreciate the Lonely Island as much as I do. Now bow down and thank me for introducing you to the Lonely Island boys (and, by extension, Jem, who introduced it to me).

Shall I give you a short intro to the boys? Ok: two of these guys went through film school (Andy and Akiva) and one did theatre school (Jorma, the one Marianne has a huge crush on, and rightly so), and when they graduated couldn't find suitable artistic outlets, so they made their own videos and posted them online under the name that they named their apartment: The Lonely Island. They became popular with their send-up of "The OC," which they set in Malibu and called "The 'Bu." (It's art.) Also, please take the time to watch their longer episodes, which are savvy to breeds of films and pop culture.

Huh. I guess I did have stuff to post about.


mel said...

Dude. Have you seen Laser Cats? Andy Sandberg has given me a second reason to watch SNL (the first, of course, the Fey). It may be the funniest SNL skit since Celebrity Jeopardy.

And on a side note; if you have a sandwich, come roll with me!

Catherine said...

Yeah, Laser Cats didn't turn my crank. Natalie Portman and Narnia were more my style. Those Lonely Island boys might save SNL, afterall. I think Tina Fey is leaving - is this true?

On MY side note: Chamomile, motherfucker!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I have a bigger crush on Akiva. While Jorm has the sexy Italian thing going on, Akiva has the geek - who's -running-the-show thing that I like. And as far as the Lonely Island guys saving SNL - I agree.

mel said...

Tina NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

But I had a sneaking suspision when I saw the big hooplah for her at the end of weekend update last week. They said they were celebrating her 180th episode, but it felt like a goodbye.

Lynda said...

Fear not, I heard her pilot got picked up for the fall, and that's why she's leaving. So she'll still be on tv, at a more reasonable hour, and perhaps on a show that's actually funny.

Catherine said...

Ooh! No she didn't!

(I got your back, Lou. It has gotten better, though, hasn't it?)

mel said...

Oh yea, I heard about the pilot. It has Alec Baldwin and does look very funny. I'll definately be checking it out in the fall.