Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Tide Is High And I'm (Not) Movin' On.

It is fully-blown springtime here in the birthplace of Confederation. I'm in at the Confederation Centre now, waiting for the last shift of the Eastern School District Drama Festival, a.k.a. the week-long pain in my ass that I forgot how horrible it was.

Today I saw a big fat hummingbee exploring my Mum's crocuses. Croci. Ahem.

I was too warm in my thin tweed coat. Yes, I was wearing my knee-high leather winter boots and a long-sleeve black sweater, too, but still, it was balmy today. I drove to some errands with windows down in the car. All the ice is out of the Charlottetown harbour. In fact, this morning the tide was super high, and just now when I was driving to work, it was super low and I could smell that great summery low-tide smell. I know Upper Canadians might not think this smell would be pleasing, but when the ice moves on and the water opens up, it's basically summer.

There's a full moon tomorrow, which would explain the tide. It's also Anders' birthday. Anders was my prom date and is, I'm sure, the only man I'll ever love. He's ruined me for men. Happy birthday, lovah.


Rosey said...

I know exactly what you mean about the low-tide smell -- it's such a homey, refreshing scent. Calming, yet energizing. I missed it so much last year (after all, at home I drive over the water every time I go into town), but, thankfully, my Ontarian classmates were quick to point out that there was a creek on the UW campus. Unfortunately, a brown stream of water no more than 3 feet across and filled with goose poop did not quite fill the void, and now that I'm home again I relish that salty, low-tide smell every chance I get.

Holly said...

We don't have a tide here, but the croci are in full bloom and there are bunnies EVERYWHERE here.

I don't share your desire for summer, but I sure do love spring!