Monday, April 03, 2006

I Should Have Gone Into Archaeology.

I've spent a big chunk of this morning cleaning my room. For years, I've called this process "excavating." This indicates how often I clean/tidy. I just spent the last half hour removing bank and payment statements from their envelopes. Later this afternoon, I will shred them, hopefully bothering my mother as much as she bothers me when she embarks on epic shred-a-thons.

Some of the things I found:

- A rejection letter from Queens for a BA program from 2001. When did I apply to Queens? I don't remember that at all.
- A rejection letter from the University of Ottawa for an MA program from 2003. I do remember that. They said my marks weren't high enough. No shit, Sherlock. I guess that's why I went to McMaster, The People's University.
- Congratulations letters from Pat Mella, MLA and Shawn Murphy, MP after graduating from UPEI. Why the hell don't they track me down for my MA? The BA was a doddle compared to the MA!
- Pay stubs from the Confederation Centre, tracking my pay rise from $7.36 to $7.60 through to $7.75. It is now a whopping $8.03. Eat your hearts out.
- I found a $20 bill in a misc. bowl that I've kept on my bedside table for years.

I sleep in this room now, but really, I haven't lived in it since August 2003, so it's become a virtual dumping grounds for documents and miscellany.

It's very dusty and sneezy in there. Man, I can't wait to get a proper job and get my own place. A fresh start in an empty room sounds really enticing. Scorched earth? Hmm...

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