Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ham, Shem, Japheth, and Anders.

I'm going to start gathering animals in fuckin' twos. It's been rainy since Saturday, but today is particularly nasty. The wind is high and the rain is heavy. The ditches are filling up. Just last week, there was a news piece saying the Island watersheds were low because we had such a dry winter. I don't think that's a problem anymore.

Anders is home, which is great. Yesterday he came over and announced that he wanted to burn a CD. That meant setting up my computer, which I had brought back from Ottawa but not yet assembled. I haven't assembled it because there's nowhere to do so. My room is more and more resembling a compost heap (no joke - the heaps of detritus were beginning to heat up), and the entire downstairs is either stuffed with my sister's belongings or being painted by some very nice but omni-present men.

Anyhow, Anders got really excited about cleaning my room. Anyone who knows Anders is not surprised by this.

Anders. Likes. Cleaning.

Despite my scowls and protestations, we set to work excavating the desk area of my room. Items: magazines I stole from the office of the UPEI student newspaper when I graduated; the rug I brought back from Turkey; old correspondence; and a straw cowboy hat (?) that I bought in England (!) that's too small for me.

The computer got set up. A CD was burned. Can you believe that Anders didn't fall in love with Tenacious D? Huh. There's no accounting for taste.

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