Monday, April 10, 2006

The Discouraging News Saga Continues.

I got a letter today from Foreign Affairs Canada telling me I didn't get accepted to that stuntastic internship. I wasn't really holding my breath (because I'd be well cyanotic by now) but I was trying to be cautiously optimistic.

I've been having e-fights and conversations with friends about how I'm setting my standards too high when I'm looking for work. I'm not. Honest. I've applied for stuff way over my head, and I've applied for waitstaff positions. I might be accused of being picky, and that might be fair. I just don't want to finally get a job somewhere that'll suck my will to live. As anxious as I am to get out my parent's house, it does afford me some time to be picky.

Come on, though - don't you think I deserve to be a little picky? I don't want to apply for jobs what only require a high school education just because I have a good chance to getting it. If I've learned anything, I don't get interviews for the jobs that I'm overqualified for. Hell, I don't even get fucking interviews for jobs that I am qualified for.

Here's my daily routine. Follow my links, won't you?

First stop: Post Secondary Recruitment, a Federal Government job registry site. A new job is posted there every 4-6 business days, and most are over my level of education or expertise. I've been told that this website is a "scam", but I'm in no position to not scramble for a government job.

Then: The Government Jobbank. I type "completion of university" into the search engine for PEI, NS, Newfoundland, NB, and Ottawa, in that order. Usually, it's filled with postings for sous-chefs and call centre positions, but sometimes there are interesting positions. I'd say about 1/3 of all the jobs I've appliled for have come from this site.

Next: I swing by the National Research Council job page. Useless all but once, and I was dragged kicking and screaming into applying for that one.

Next: Government of Prince Edward Island job page. Very unfulfilling.

With those searches done, I'll leave my "government" folder in my favourites file, and proceed to "philanthropic," where I visit, in this order:

Charity Village,
Canadian Blood Services,
David Suzuki Foundation,
Canadian Diabetes Association,
Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation.

That concludes places in which I have interest which I have named "philanthropic." What's next?

Universities (and Holland College!)
St. FX

Then I go on to what I've titled "Entertainment." These are places where I would love to work, but don't expect anything very promising. These are the kind of places where I wouldn't mind working a crappy job, because I think the environment would be fun, creative and interesting.

Of course, the CBC,
Alliance Atlantis,
Milkman, a great site that an ex-classmate recommended, where commercial radio stations accross Canada post job openings. Most jobs are in Ontario or Bumblefuck, Manitoba., and finally,
Media Job Search Canada, which is probably my favourite site. It has a ton of jobs in a ton of disciplines. Last week, I applied for a job at the Neptune Theatre in Halifax that was posted on this site.

After I go through all these sites, I usually try to think of places that post jobs on-line. Like, the Confederation Centre of the Arts, The Atlantic Technology Centre, The Confederation Bridge, or anything else that pops to mind.

As I look through all these sites, I take note of anything to apply for. If I can work up the enthusiasm to get excited about any job, I'll stop the job trolling directly and apply for the job at that moment, and then continue. Usually, though, it'll take a deep breath to apply for the position of "shitty job coordinator, $400 weekly for 44 hours a week." Kidding. I never apply for those. I'm too picky.


Kim said...

Hi Catherine,
Try Charity Job Search, little less known than Charity Village -

Good luck! Looking for work is awful.


Holly said...

I for one honestly knows how hard it is to find work. I believe you when you say you are applying for waitstaff positions. It's the damn MA that ruins it.

Under-qualified for everything that requires specific training. Overqualified for everything else.

Come out here and try, if you need a base close to the GTA, and if you want to try KW.

We keep our fingers crossed for you, always.

And frankly it's giving us arthritis, so hurry up and find something wonderful!