Saturday, April 15, 2006

Dashboard Constitutional.

It's a beautiful day.

Even though gas is now 112.7 cents a litre, I went for a drive this afternoon. A friend at the Confederation Centre burned me a David Cross CD and I wanted to listen to it without interruption. (Anyone wants borrowsies, let me know. Except Jackie - she's hoarding my shit.)

The tulips in the front beds are now a span high and lawns are positively green now. I drove out through Pownal (PAWN-ul, for those from away) towards Hazelbrook. Someone had tilled fields that morning, so the red red red earth was contrasted with the green lawns, and there was a low misty fog hanging over the turned-up earth.

As I drove along the main road, a car stopped in the other lane waiting for me to pass by so it could turn left. As I passed, the man gave me a little wave. His hand didn't come off the wheel, but it was a full five-fingered salutation. I waved back and drove on grinning. The only thing we had in common was our location, but that was enough for that man to greet me.

I love it here on PEI.

I returned home to Mum's predictable blasting of Il Divo. Do I want to hear opera-style Supremes covers? No. There are five CDs in the turntable now. Il Divo, the Irish Rovers, Rod Stewart's standards covers, Ray Charles big hits, and something else I can't remember. Probably Michael Buble, who is hard to hate. The only song I ever hear on the Irish Rovers CD is "Fish Off Cape St. Mary's", which is nice and sentimental, but only in moderation.

At least at Christmas those CDs get taken out of the player and are replaced by, oh, I don't know, "Il Divo's Christmas Cantata," "Rod Stewart's Winter Wonderland," "Ray Charles Scats with Kris Kringle," Harry Connick, Jr.'s "Sleigh Ride," and Michael Buble's Reluctant But Obligatory "Christmas Croonin'."

All the more reason to love summer.


Lynda said...

Did you happen to swing by Mount Mellick in your travels?

I wonder who waved at you.

Holly said...

Wish I were there...