Sunday, April 23, 2006

Cate And Holly On The Aisle.

Today, I am happy to announce the unveiling of a new blog. Holly and I are collaborating on a new e-publication devoted to bi-weekly movie reviews and probably eventually other movie-related things. We're calling our Blog baby "Clapboard Jungle."

I like posting reviews to movies that I’ve seen, but don’t always feel they match the tone of the rest of my blog, and they don’t often receive a lot of feedback.

To remedy this, I’m pairing up with my oft-e-present friend Holly. She’s an expert in old Hollywood, Charles Chaplin, Woody Allen, and beyond, and I’m going to be mostly fielding new movies. By new, I don’t necessarily mean movies that are currently in theatres, but newer movies.

I posted the first review a couple of days ago. I find it ironic that it's for Match Point, a Woody Allen movie, when Holly clearly should have used her Allenowledge to field that one.

Scroll down to read our profiles. We wrote one another’s. Check in often! Exclamation point!


Holly said...

I am very excited about this! Exclamation point!

Oh, and did you notice that we got a comment from someone not us? Excitement! Exclamation point!

Hope all is well! Exclamation point. How's the weather out there? Question mark. Well, (comma) I'll see you soon. (Period!)

Holly said...

PS> And is it me or does "Cate & Holly" or "Holly & Cate" sound like a bad CBS sitcom from the early '90s...?

Catherine said...

"Will & Grace," "Mork & Mindy," _Turner & Hooch_?

Holly said...

Don't forget that classic, "Kate & Ally"!