Monday, March 13, 2006

Whale Rider.

Please see this movie. Own it. I loved it.

It's a story about Paikea, a girl whose twin brother and mother died in childbirth. Her grandfather, Koro, is a bigwig in their small New Zealand Maori community. He is heartbroken because the eldest son of each generation traditionally carried on the lineage from the first Maori. That Maori was also called Paikea, and he rode a whale from the land of the ancestors to New Zealand. Left with only a girl as a descendant, Koro despairs that the connections to their ancestors are irrevocably severed, and although he continues to teach the community's young boys traditional stories and fighting methods, he becomes increasingly depressed.

Paikea is determined to participate in her Maori background, even if it is only "for boys."

This is one of those movies I don't want to talk about too much. Just see it. Tonight.

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