Monday, March 13, 2006

Keeping The Vultures At Bay.

This was a busy week for me. My Mum came home after being in Newfoundland for 5 weeks, I worked a couple of very long days at the Confederation Centre, and I started a yoga class. The yoga thing is probably the most interesting part of the week. Oh, and I applied for a stuntastic internship through Foreign Affairs Canada. With fingers crossed, I’ll be representin’ the heimat in universities abroad by the end of this month. Yeah, I’m really holding my breath, like I hold my breath for the other hundred jobs I’ve applied for in the last 6 months. Sigh.

I guess I should also report that in the next couple of weeks, I will be joining the jet set. Or train set. On the 16th, I’m taking the train from Moncton to Ottawa to see my sister and other assorted family members, see a Coldplay concert (!), and hopefully find my passport, which is (hopefully!) in an undisclosed location in my post-moving boxes. Even if I don’t get that internship, I really would feel better knowing where my passport is. I return to Charlottetown on the 21st.

Then, on the 28th, I’m off to Ottawa again. This time to help Mum and Dad drive a car back home. Hot dog. Well, it’s good because I’ll be able to bring back some of my gear. Like, my computer and some clothes! When I came home for Christmas, I only had one suitcase, and I’m getting pretty sick of the five sweaters I brought back with me. So’s everyone else.

So, here’s the glorious return to blogging. This should give my readers (fans?) their fix for a few more days. I was at a support group meeting on Saturday night and these readers had the shakes. Calmez vous, mes p’tits moufettes. (Yeah, I know. But it sounds cutesy, though, doesn’t it?)


Anonymous said...

Lady Catherine: thank you so much for the phone call - we miss you! You didn't leave your phone number so Lil and I can't call to chat so please call again...also, I can't find a non-mac e-mail address for you so I'm writing this way. Hope to talk to you soon,

mel said...

Oh you had better plan on calling or emailing me while you're in Ottawa. Everyone at home is all bragging it up that they get to hang out with you. It's karma for last semester, I suppose.