Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Jibbly Jibbly.

I realised the other day that I no longer expect to see bugs. When I left Hamilton for the niceness of Kanata and Ottawa, I was still jittery about creepy crawlies. Sure, in Kanata, there were a few spiders, but they weren’t very threatening. Just icky.

When I lived in Hamilton, I used to enter a room and give it a furtive scan for insects. Black shadows on the carpet, in the joint of the wall and the carpet, or anything moving, period. If I found a creepy crawly, I would assess the situation by the bug’s levels of creepiness, mobility, and threat. I would then kill, remove, or ignore the thing, or, in extreme cases, call my roommate or leave the room.

I will grant that the two apartments I had in Hamilton were a) basement or floor level, and b) shitholes. Still, we don’t have House Centipedes on the East Coast. Jesus Christ, those things still make me panic.

Here, I don’t have to go through that. Sure, I’m chronically unemployed, but I never have to chase of those Jeesly lightning-quick House Centipedes. Jibbly jibbly.


Holly said...

Thank you for the Wikipedia link. It turns out that house centipedes can get rid of silver fish problems...

Nope. Still not worth it. Nope.


Now I have the jibblies, too.

Christine said...

We just found out that the new apartment is totally infested with ants. Hooray! Still totally beats Ontario freak bugs though...um, assuming that they don't appear here in the summer....crud.

marilyn said...

Blahhhhh, gross. What's up with Holly? "Thanks for the link to the creepy bug picture," ew Holly, ew. Those things are disgusting, I can't handle it, I want to go home where the bugs do not have purple blood (I've killed a few of those house bugs and there is always purple squish on the mound of tissue afterwards).

On a much happier note, my sister is coming to see me today! Weee, Fern-fun. Everyone should be so lucky! Sorry suckers! See you soon Fern!

Holly said...

Well... I thought it would be polite to compliment Cate on her scientific blogging. Plus, were I a horrid person with a spine of steel that might be an option to get rid of my silver fish.

However, I am not.

And the blood in the beasts in Ontario are purple or black because they are evil. Like Ontario itself.

Black like the Ontarian heart.