Monday, March 13, 2006

Failure to Launch.

Beige. Blah. Some laughs. I guess.

Since when did wildlife slapstick have a place in a rom-com? It wasn't even all that 'com', and I was utterly disinterested in the 'rom' part.

Matthew McConnaughey's teeth were milky white, especially set off from his leatherface. SPF 45, Matthew, look into it.

Like Something's Got To Give, there was an extended old-man-ass scene. We all screamed "Ah, hell, nah," to Jack Nicholson's ass, why do these producers think we might change our minds for Craig T. Nelson's ass? Urk. Urk. Retch. And where's the self-respect? Their own asses as part of a comedy routine? Oh, no.

It wasn't funny, but it was ridiculous. And not in a good way.

Addendum: It's not Craig T. Nelson, but Terry Bradshaw. My unpaid but still appreciated editors Lisa and Jackie informed me of my error. I will not change what I wrote, though, as a pre-emptive strike against Craig T. Nelson bearing ass on film.


Holly said...

Yes, but Craig T Nelson never had an ass anyone wanted to see on screen. Maybe he thought it was his last chance...

And all those old _Coach_ fans probably dug it.

Rosey said...

I think beige is a good word to describe that movie. I read somewhere that Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew McCoughnehy(sp?) hated working with each other and it definitely showed.